AME BC Staff

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Glen W. Wonders

Vice President – Technical & Government Affairs

Glen joined the AME team in July 2014 as Vice President - Technical & Government Affairs. Glen’s previous position was the General Manager - Mining for Allnorth Consultants Limited, prior to this he was the Division Manager of the Prince George Division of Allnorth.

Glen was employed by Terrane Metals Corporation as Vice President, Corporate Affairs and Sustainability; his focus was achieving regulatory approvals for the Mt Milligan Gold and Copper Mine Project including First Nations consultation and agreements, plus managing Community and Government affairs for the Mt Milligan project.

Glen has a varied background in BC resource industries and is very knowledgeable about opportunities, challenges and issues faced by many land and resource sectors, First Nations and Stakeholders in BC, and beyond.

Glen is responsible for understanding, evaluating and advocating for sound public policy to address issues and concerns of AME members in order to achieve a successful and responsible mineral exploration and development industry based in BC.