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Rick Conte

Executive Vice President

Rick Conte joined the AME team in June 2010 as Vice President and was promoted to Executive Vice President in 2014.

Rick was the Executive Director with Mineral Titles Branch, a part of the provincial Ministry of Energy, Mines and Petroleum Resources, since 2002. One of his key roles as Executive Director of the Branch was the interpretation and application of the Mineral Tenure Act, Coal Act, Mines Act and other related statutes for government, industry and the general public. He has been responsible for the development of key amendments and related regulations as well as the supporting policy positions.

With a British Columbia Institute of Technology mining education and years of practical work experience in B.C., Rick is widely respected for his technical and regulatory background and has a strong working knowledge of the mineral exploration sector, from grass roots exploration through to site reclamation. He has also worked outside government for companies such as Kennco Explorations, Falconbridge Nickel Mines Ltd. and Wesfrob Mines Ltd.

Rick’s role at AME entails working on issues such as land use planning, permitting and environmental assessment, mineral tenure and rights, geoscience, and economic incentives.