Land Access and Use Committee

The Land Access and Use Committee facilitates AME BC’s Board of Directors in advocating for continued and certain access to land sufficient to maintain a successful and sustainable coal and mineral exploration and development industry in BC. The Committee’s work includes tracking and reviewing land use, access and planning initiatives and challenges and preparing position papers for the Board as required.

Members as of March 2016:

Scott Weston, Chair 
Don Bragg 
Michael Buchanan
Sean Cullen
Greg Dawson
Katherine Gizikoff
Perry Grunenberg 
Fran Macpherson
Jane McCaw
John Murray
Jill Pardoe 
Dave Pawliuk
Sharon Singh
Chris Tucker
Angela Waterman
Ian Webster
Karen Weir
Abhidheya Wright

Rick Conte, Staff Lead
Gavin C. Dirom, Staff Support 
Glen Wonders, Staff Support

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