Mineral Exploration Editorial Board

The Mineral Exploration Editorial Board provides advice and guidance on the content of AME’s magazine, Mineral Exploration. The magazine was first established in 1981 as Mining Review and first appointed an Editorial Board in 2003 (the magazine was renamed Mineral Exploration in 2006). The goals of the Editorial Board are to, through the magazine, to:

  • Keep Members informed of AME business, member news and technical issues.
  • Provide members a vehicle to freely express opinions about AME business, professional, technical and field issues.
  • Advance the goals of AME.
  • Educate members and non-members about exploration and mine development issues and opportunities.

Members as of September 2016:

Kylie Williams, Chair
Rob McLeod, Vice-Chair
Darcy Baker
Ed Kimura
John Murray
Christine Ogryzlo
Libby Sharman
Mitchell Smith
Ian J. Talbot

Jonathan Buchanan,
Staff Lead 
Rick Conte, Staff Support
Gavin C. Dirom, Staff Support
Glen W. Wonders, Staff Support
Charlene Rooke, Staff Support, Canada Wide Media Limited
Tiffany Sloan,
Staff Support, Canada Wide Media Limited

Want to join this committee? Email
info@amebc.ca for more information.