February 26, 2015
Volume 17 - Issue 1

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Inside AME BC
  • New AME BC Board of Directors Elected 
  • 2015 Mineral Exploration Roundup Conference a Success
  • Mineral Explorers Express Support for BC Budget 2015
  • AME BC Responds to Fraser Institute Annual Survey of Mining Companies
  • Registration Open for AME BC's Annual Safety Workshops
  • Thank You to our New and Renewed AME BC Corporate Members 
  • 10th Annual Exploration and Mining Community Blood Drive April 1 to 30

Mineral Exploration News
  • News Release: Ed Balon and Mike Hamilton Inducted into the Yukon Prospectors Hall of Fame
  • The BC Mining HR Task Force’s Diversity-Women Sub-Committee Launches a Series of Videos 
  • Notice About Mines and Money Hong Kong 2015
  • BC Budget Support for Mining Industry, Gowlings Lafleur Henderson LLP
  • MiHR Invites all Current or Former Workers of the Canadian Mining and Minerals Industry to Participate in a First-of-its-Kind Canada-wide Discussion and Survey
  • Do Bugs Need Drugs - Complimentary Worker and Employer Handbooks 

In Memoriam

Employment Opportunities
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Inside AME BC

New AME BC Board of Directors Elected 
Thank you for your support during AME BC's Election for 2015

AME BC is pleased to announce the following updates to AME BC 's Board of Directors following AME BC's 103rd Annual General Meeting held on Monday January 26, 2015. 

The following
appointed by the Board of Directors for 2015 are:

  • Gavin C. Dirom, Association for Mineral Exploration BC
  • Robin Junger, McMillan LLP
  • Richard LeBourdais, Pellt’iq’t (Whispering Pines) First Nation of the Secwepemc Nation (Shuswap Nation Tribal Council).   – Kamloops area representative
  • David McLelland, Auracle Geospatial Science - Vancouver Island representative 
  • John Murray, Murray Geological Services - Southeastern BC representative
  • Sean Pownall, More Core Drilling - Northwest BC representative
  • Bruce Sprague, Ernst & Young

The following were elected by AME BC Membership as Directors to serve a three-year term:

  • Michael Buchanan, Teck Resources Limited
  • Fran Macpherson, Accurate Mining (re-elected)
  • Ken McNaughton, Pretium Resources Inc.
  • Christine Ogryzlo, Smithers Exploration Group
  • Thomas Ullrich, Antofagasta Minerals S.A.
  • Scott Weston, Hemmera (re-elected)

The following directors are continuing through 2015:

  • Robert Boyd, Endurance Gold Corporation
  • Don Bragg, Prospector
  • Sue Craig, AuRico Gold Inc.
  • Kristy Emery, Catana Consulting
  • David Gale, Independence Gold Corp.
  • Kendra Johnston, Independence Gold Corp.
  • Jack McClintock, Northisle Copper
  • Diane Nicolson, Amarc Resources Ltd.
  • Darren O’Brien, Pure Gold Mining Limited
  • Robert Stevens, BCIT
  • Jill Tsolinas, Rodos Consulting
  • Jeff Wilson, Independent
  • Gavin C. Dirom, President & CEO, AME BC
  • Robin Archdekin, Geoscience BC (Ex-officio)
  • Karina Briño, Mining Association of BC (Ex-officio)

The 2015 Executive has also been appointed by the Board of Directors: David McLelland, Chair; Diane Nicolson, Vice-Chair; Scott Weston, Vice-Chair; Kendra Johnston, Director; Robin Junger; Gavin C. Dirom, President & CEO; Rick Conte, Executive Vice President; Glen W. Wonders, Vice President; Michael R.J. McPhie, Past Chair; and Jim Gray, Treasurer.

click here to view the Board of Directors on the AME BC website. 

Mineral Exploration Roundup Conference a Success
Held January 26-29, 2015 in our new venue, under the sails at Vancouver Convention Centre East

The Association for Mineral Exploration British Columbia’s (AME BC) annual conference, Mineral Exploration Roundup closes today. Although the cyclical nature of the commodity sector has been challenging for some junior explorers, the conference was the fourth most attended on record, attracting 6,609 participants from 35 countries. This was the first year that the 32nd annual conference, the third largest annual trade convention in Vancouver, was held in the Vancouver Convention Centre East.

Roundup Organizing Committee chair Kendra Johnston says, “This year’s Mineral Exploration Roundup conference has been a great success, thanks to fabulous sponsors, exhibitors, speakers, delegates and volunteers who are optimistic about the future of exploration in 2015 and beyond.”

To read the full release click here

Mineral Explorers Express Support for BC Budget 2015

The Association for Mineral Exploration British Columbia expresses support for the 2015/2016 BC budget delivered by Finance Minister Michael de Jong. “We thank the provincial government for maintaining a balanced budget overall while meeting its commitment to increase funding for the Mines and Mineral Resources Division of the Ministry of Energy and Mines,” says David McLelland, Chair of AME BC. “We believe that this important budget lift will be a strong catalyst to increase public and investor confidence in the mineral exploration and development sector, particularly now and when the minerals cycle enters its next upswing.”

As announced by Premier Christy Clark on January 26 at AME BC’s Mineral Exploration Roundup 2015 conference, the provincial government has committed to increasing base funding of the Mines and Mineral Resources Division by $6.3 million to $17.1 million as well as an extension of the $10 million BC mining flow-through share tax credit through December 31, 2015. Further to Premier Clark’s announcement, mineral exploration will be exempt from permitting fees.

To read the full release click here

AME BC Responds to Fraser Institute Annual Survey of Mining Companies
The Association for Mineral Exploration British Columbia responded to the release of the 2014 Fraser Institute Annual Survey of Mining Companies. According to the Fraser Institute, the survey attempts to assess how mineral endowments and public policy factors affect exploration investment.  The province of British Columbia appears in the top third of the Investment Attractiveness Index, ranking 28th out of 122 jurisdictions in 2014 compared with 16th out of 112 jurisdictions in 2013. However, its ranking within Canada, at 10th out of 12 provinces and territories compared to 7th out of 12 in 2013, is not consistent with actual investment in mineral exploration and deposit appraisal according to data from Natural Resources Canada. 

“We appreciate the efforts of the Fraser Institute in developing an important barometer for sharing qualitative perceptions of jurisdictions,” mentions Gavin C. Dirom, President & CEO of AME BC. “However, according to quantitative data provided by Natural Resources Canada, BC’s share of mineral exploration investment has more than tripled from 6 per cent in 2001 to 21 per cent in 2014. At the same time, BC’s ranking among provinces in attracting mineral exploration and development investment has risen from fourth place in 2009 to second place, only behind Ontario, in 2013 and 2014. Furthermore, one of the best indicators of success in exploration is seeing discoveries move through to mine development. In recent years, we have seen a number of new major metal mines constructed in our province, including Copper Mountain in 2011, New Afton in 2012 and Mt. Milligan in 2013. Also, Red Chris is being readied for commercial operations, and the KSM and Kitsault mine development projects have received environmental assessment certificates.”

To read the full release click here

Registration Open for AME BC's Annual Safety Workshops

AME BC presents its annual safety workshops March 27 and 28 at BCIT Downtown, Vancouver.

Exploration Safety for Management - Friday, March 27, 8:30 AM-4:30 PM 
Presentations, decision-making scenarios and panels with question and answers with mines and permitting inspectors and industry experts provide an opportunity to gain new perspectives and tools in managing the environment, health and safety components of your project.

Introduction to Exploration Safety - Saturday, March 28, 9:00 AM-4:00 PM  
A must-attend workshop for students planning to the industry and geoscientists starting work in western Canada, it is also a timely refresher for experienced personnel. Click here to register for Saturday.

To register:

  1. Click here to register for Friday; Click here to register for Saturday 
  2. Please fill out the registration form and send via email to or fax 604‐682‐5733
For more information, please see the AME BC Events Calendar 

Thank You to our New and Renewed AME BC Corporate Members

Thank you for your support! 

Our Corporate Members are a valuable and integral part of our organization. By providing us with valuable feedback on how certain public policy issues will impact, or are affecting their ability to efficiently manage and conduct business in BC, we are able to shape and influence exploration policy and raise awareness about the contribution mineral exploration and development make to communities and the economy in BC.

Click here to see a complete list of our current Corporate Members!

Not a Corporate Member yet? Visit our Membership page for more details on how to join with other companies who share your enthusiasm and commitment to mineral exploration and development in BC, Canada and around the world. 

10th Annual Exploration and Mining Community Blood Drive takes place April 1 to April 30

Did you that it takes up to five donors to supply enough blood to someone seriously injured in a car crash?

Mark your calendars! The 10th Annual Exploration and Mining Community Blood Drive takes place April 1 to 30, 2015. 

Who? Members can earn donations for their organizations by donating blood themselves, and/
or by recruiting friends and family to donate on their behalf. All donations made at any
blood donor clinic in BC during April 1 to April 30 are eligible to be included.

What? A blood drive challenge for the whole mineral exploration and mining industry to help save lives and give back to the community.

When? April 1 to April 30, 2015

Where? Donations can be made at any blood donor clinic in BC. To find a clinic near you please visit our website at Just remember to sign in at the front desk of the clinic as an Exploration and Mining Drive participant.

Your company can also book a time slot or day to donate (this is what we reccommend) at any of the BC locations. Please contact Stephanie Herger at to book a time slot.

For more information visit 

Mineral Exploration News 

Ed Balon and Mike Hamilton Inducted into the Yukon Prospectors Hall of Fame

The Yukon Prospectors’ Association is pleased to announce that Ed Balon and Mike Hamilton have been inducted into the Yukon Prospectors Hall of Fame in recognition of three significant discoveries they and their colleagues at Cordilleran Engineering made during the 1970’s.

Ed Balon was born at Three Lakes, Saskatchewan in 1946.  After working at various jobs in forestry, construction and mineral processing, he went back to school and earned a Diploma in Mining Engineering Technology from Northern College-Haileybury School of Mines in 1970.  After graduation, he worked for Cordilleran Engineering Ltd. as a geological technician, prospector and field manager throughout BC, Yukon and the Northwest Territories until 1995.  From 1996 to 2007, Ed worked for Fairfield Minerals Ltd. and Almaden Minerals Ltd. on projects throughout the Cordillera down into Mexico.   Since 2007, Ed is semi-retired but occasionally prospects on a contract basis for companies working in the Yukon and BC. 

Mike Hamilton was born in North Carolina in 1945 and graduated from Colorado School of Mines in Geological Engineering, 1969. He joined Cordilleran Engineering in 1970 and during 1970-77 worked on exploration projects primarily in the Yukon.  He headed south in 1978, working with Westley Mines Ltd.  on projects in Nevada including the Santa Fe Mine in Mineral County.  He moved on to work with Franco-Nevada Mining Corp. during 1995-2002 before retiring in Boulder, Colorado.

Read the full news release

BC Mining HR Task Force's Diversity-Woman Sub-Committee Launches a Series of Videos
Featuring woman working in the mineral exploration and mining industry in non-traditional roles

Our industry is incredibly diverse, with more than 120
occupations ranging from geoscience, engineering, trades, technical and operational positions.

Currently only 16% of female participation is represented in BC's mineral exploration and mining industry.  The BC Mining Human Resources Task Force’s Diversity-Women sub-committee has launched a series of videos featuring women working in the mineral exploration and mining industry in non-traditional roles.

Have a look at these videos, they promote the industry and roles to women who are returning to the workforce, women looking for a career change and students considering career options at high school.  They include aboriginal and new immigrant success stories.  The videos can also be used by human resources and operations decision-makers within their community to help to attract women to their organizations. The videos cover career preparation, work environment, location and lifestyle, addressing  the challenges but also the great things the featured women  enjoy about their role and are being successful in. 

Here is a link to the six individual videos from the BC HR Task Force site:

If you are to share the link via YouTube, I've compiled a playlist.
You Tube - Living the Mining Dream

Please share them with your colleagues, friends and families.

Notice About Mines and Money Hong Kong 2015

Mines and Money Hong Kong is the leading Pan-Asian mining investment conference and exhibition. The event showcases hundreds of mining companies in a 200-booth exhibition, connecting them with 1,000 investors and financiers from the world’s largest mining funds, private equity firms, alternative financiers, project finance lenders and private wealth.

To view the program click here 

If you're interested in attending as a delegate, call us on +852 2219 0111 or email

If you're interested in showcasing your company with our sponsorship or exhibition packages, contact Geoffrey Ip on +852 2531 6138 or

BC Budget Support for Mining Industry, Gowlings Lafleur Henderson LLP
Article by A. Brent Kerr QC  

February 19 2015

British Columbia’s latest budget, introduced on Feb. 17, 2015, confirmed two measures intended to support B.C.’s mining industry, including an extension of the B.C. mining flow-through share tax credit. 

Flow-through shares are designed to help corporations in the mining, oil and gas, and renewable energy sectors finance their exploration and development activities. Junior resource corporations generally benefit the most from the use of flow-through shares since those corporations typically have the most difficulty financing their activities.   

A qualifying issuer corporation may transfer certain resource expenses to investors using the flow-through share mechanism. This allows an investor in flow-through shares to benefit from several tax incentives. For example, the investor may deduct qualifying resource expenses renounced by the issuing corporation in computing the investor’s income.  As well, individual investors (excluding trusts) may be entitled to federal investment tax credits for resource expenses which qualify as flow-through mining expenditures. Further, some provinces, including British Columbia, provide supplementary provincial investment tax credits for qualifying resource expenses. 

To view the full article please click here
Article originally appeared in Gowlings' Mining newsletter

MiHR Invites all Current or Former Workers of the Canadian Mining and Minerals Industry to Participate in a First-of-its-Kind Canada-wide Discussion and Survey

Are you a current or former worker of the Canadian mining and minerals industry (including contractors directly involved in the industry)? 

Would you like to contribute to making the sector more open to, and inclusive for, workers of all backgrounds?

Are you open to sharing your experiences of working in the sector by participating in a confidential survey?

If “yes,” the Mining Industry Human Resources Council (MiHR) would like to invite you to participate in a first-ofits-kind Canada-wide discussion to build an understanding of the workplace culture and career paths found in the Canadian mining industry. Its findings will support employers in improving the industry’s ability to effectively employ a wide range of talented individuals. The National Industry Discussion will consist of an online survey of current or former industry workers, as well as interviews and focus groups with current or former workers, agencies and employers.

Participation is completely voluntary, and your input will be confidential. Registrants will be entered into a draw to win one of ten $50 VISA gift cards!

To participate:
  • Click here to complete the survey- it takes only 20-30 minutes
  • If you’d like to participate during working hours, speak with your manager or supervisor to confirm the best time
  • If you cannot access a computer, contact Sara Delaney of Graybridge Malkam at 613-761-7440 x 225 to share your experiences by phone
For more information, please contact Sarah Gauen, Project Manager – Sector Studies at MiHR: 613-270-9696, ext. 29 or or visit

To view more information about the survey, please click here

Do Bugs Need Drugs - Complimentary Worker and Employer Handbooks

The British Columbia Ministry of Health’s Pharmaceutical Services Division, has committed funding for the implementation of the Do Bugs Need Drugs? program which promotes the wise use of antibiotics. This funding provides British Columbia with an opportunity to optimize our use of antibiotics including reducing unnecessary use. It also provides us with the opportunity to address the growing problem of antibiotic resistance. Antibiotic resistance happens when bacteria that cause illness become resistant to the antibiotic drugs used to treat them.

The Do Bugs Need Drugs? program targets healthcare professionals, the general public and children with three key messages:

  1. Wash your hands! Handwashing is the best way to stop the spread of infections.
  2. Not all bugs are created equal. Antibiotics work against bacteria, but not against viruses.
  3. Use antibiotics wisely! Bacteria can become resistant to antibiotics.

We would like to offer mining camps in BC with copies of our Worker and Employer Handbooks to distribute to their staff. These resources would complimentary for use within BC. Electronic copies of these can be viewed here.

Please contact if you’re interested in obtaining a copy of each handbook to review prior to ordering copies for your employees. 

In Memoriam
Orval "Butch" Morningstar (1954 - 2015)

Surrounded by the love of his family, Butch passed away on Tuesday, February 17, 2015. Cherished and loving husband of Leslie Symes; beloved son of Shirley Ottmann; loving brother of Lynda (Bruce) Bowman; Carol Morningstar; Dave (Carol) Morningstar; Bill (Terry) Morningstar; and Susan Ottmann. Also survived by beloved nieces and nephews. Predeceased by stepfather, Ludwig Ottmann. Lovingly remembered by Leslie's mother, Eileen Symes, sisters Pat (Dave) Wirtanen, and Marilyn (Chris) Bruce and their families. Butch was born in Port Colborne, Ontario on July 15, 1954 and raised in Niagara Falls where he maintained lifelong friendships with his childhood buddies, known as the "Riff Raff Gang". After receiving a B.Sc. from the University of Guelph, Butch moved to BC and earned a M.Sc. in Geomorphology from Simon Fraser University. He then worked with Cuso International in the villages of Borneo. Returning to Canada, Butch worked in forestry consulting in Cranbrook. In 1997, Butch joined the BC Public Service in Smithers and in 2007 moved to Victoria to work in the Mines Division of the Ministry of Energy, Mines and Petroleum Resources. Passionate about integrated resource management his most recent role was Executive Director, Business Lead, Natural Resource Sector Transformation Secretariat. Butch enjoyed spending time at the family cottage in Dunnville, Ontario, a good game of golf, Christmas, camping, his dogs, music and a fine glass of red wine, but most of all he was known for his love of family and friends. Butch believed in, and lived, the core values of life -- honesty, integrity, respecting others opinions and treating others as they wished to be treated. A wonderful man. Many thanks to the staff on 8 South at the Royal Jubilee Hospital, and at the BC Cancer Agency, for their compassionate care of Butch. A "Celebration of Butch's Life" will be held on Sunday, March 1st at 3:00 p.m., Uplands Golf Course, 3300 Cadboro Bay Road, Victoria. A celebration will also take place in Niagara Falls at a later date. In lieu of flowers, please give someone a hug today. 

Condolences may be offered to the family at 

Robert John (Bob) Darney (1943-2014)

Bob died peacefully on September 29th surrounded by family after a very brief struggle with cancer. Bob was born September 14th, 1943 in Port Moody B.C. to parents Jack and Mavis Darney. While growing up in Port Moody, Bob developed a love for the outdoors, spending his time hiking, fishing, hunting and exploring. In 1967, he graduated from UBC with a degree in Economic Geology. From then on, he dedicated his 45 year career to mineral exploration in B.C. and the Yukon. In 1969, he became a founding partner of the mining and exploration consulting firm, Pamicon Developments Ltd. Over the course of his lengthy career, he developed, planned and managed exploration programs for numerous major and junior mining companies. Throughout the years, Pamicon has remained a constant in the ever changing mining industry. Bob’s passion to explore led him to the remote corners of B.C. and the Yukon and all places in between. He shared his passion for geology with hundreds of newcomers to the industry, helping them to launch successful careers of their own. A kind and gentle soul, he will always be remembered for his love of food and feeding others. He was just as concerned about what the camp cook was doing as he was about planning the next drill target. During his retirement, he continued to share his love of “the bush” by delivering community presentations and short courses on his experiences as an exploration geologist. He was a true pioneer in the B.C. and Yukon mineral exploration community and he will be dearly missed. Bob was also a devoted husband, father, grandfather and community member. For over 40 years, he volunteered for countless community organizations. He will forever be remembered for his selflessness and giving spirit. Bob loved both his Sechelt home and his Beaver Valley ranch in the Cariboo. He is survived by his wife of 47 years Mary Anne, son Jack (Hattie), daughter Melissa (Mike) and cherished granddaughter Cassandra. A celebration of his life will be held Saturday, November 1st 2014 at the Sechelt Seniors Activity Centre from 12-4pm.

Robert Kirkwood Kramer (1946 - 2014)

Robert Kirkwood Kramer March 1946 - May 2014 It is with profound sadness that the family announces the sudden passing of Robert K. Kramer of North Vancouver and Lake Osoyoos, BC. Bob was the beloved husband of Anke Cantzler-Kramer, and is also survived by his children Lisa (Howard) and Julie (Tami), as well as his brother Bruce (Ellen) and his grandchildren Bruce and Eric. He was a father-figure to Jane (Dave), Karmen (Luke) and their son Kai, and to Chantal (Jeremy). He will also be missed by extended family in the San Francisco Bay Area and in Pennsylvania. Bob was involved in a number of business ventures throughout his professional career, and most recently he was Chairman and CEO of Canamex Resources Corp. He was a member of the Canadian Institute of Chartered Accountants, and a Fellow of the Institute of Chartered Secretaries and Administrators. Bob was well loved and respected by all those who knew him. Throughout his life, Bob had a deep love of the outdoors, especially enjoying hiking, boating and waterskiing. He spent many of his childhood summers at Lake Tahoe, and was very much looking forward to enjoying summers at Lake Osoyoos with his new boat. Bob also loved cruising and was planning to travel the world together with Anke for many more years to come. A celebration of his life will take place this summer in Vancouver on a date to be determined, and his ashes will be scattered at Lake Tahoe and Lake Osoyoos. Please contact a family member or email for information regarding the celebration of Bob's life. In lieu of flowers, contributions in Bob's memory can be made to

Brian Graham Pewsey (1935 - 2014)

Brian Graham Pewsey was born in Luanshya, Northern Rhodesia on August 1, 1935. He was the third son of five boys born to Graham and Gwen Pewsey both of whom were born in Wales. Educated at Kingswood College in Grahamstown, South Africa and he obtained his degree in Mining Engineering from the Camborne School of Mines, Cornwall. Brian gained his early experience in mining at the Roan Antelope Mine on the Rhodesian Copperbelt before emigrating to Canada in 1966. His first job in Canada was in Schefferville, Quebec before moving to Toronto to work for Rio Algom Mines Ltd. After the big city it was back to the bush in Northern B.C. at the Cassiar Asbestos Mine where he became the manager before moving down to Vancouver where he became the President of Breakwater Resources Ltd. Brian was predeceased by brothers Emrys and Douglas (Marlet) and both of his parents. He is survived by his wife, Doreen, and his two children Stephen and Anne and two grandchildren, Andrew and Kathryn, also brothers Allen (Marilyn) and David (Elizabeth). His large family of cousins, nephews and nieces are scattered throughout Canada, South Africa, and the United Kingdom. Brian will be greatly missed by all who knew him as a kind and generous man who gave readily of his time and talent when asked to do so. A Funeral Service will be held on November 14 at 2:00 p.m. at St. Christopher's Anglican Church, 1068 Inglewood Ave, West Vancouver. In lieu of flowers, donations can be made to the Canadian Cancer Society. To sign the book of condolences please visit

To read more click here

Lewis Howard Green (1925 - 2014) Lifetime Member

Lew passed away peacefully with his family at his side on Remembrance Day, 2014 after a long illness. He was 89. He will be deeply missed by his loving family: his wife of 64 years, Kathy; his children, Janet, Barb (Jim McBride), John, Richard, and Donna and his grandchildren Scott, Kevin (Hillary), Dylan, and Melissa. He is also survived by his brother John, sister-in-law Janet Fernau, cousin Beverley, several nieces and nephews, and many friends. Lew was the son of the Hon. Howard and Marion Green and proud to be descended from two pioneering BC families. He grew up in Vancouver and attended McGill before interrupting his studies to join the Black Watch Regiment in 1944 at the age of 18. He was deployed to Europe and was honoured to participate in the liberation of Holland. After the war, he returned to Vancouver and finished his undergraduate studies in geology at UBC where he met his wife-to-be, Kathy (nee Montgomery). In 1950, he and Kathy married and moved to Madison, Wisconsin where he completed his PhD in geology. Lew had a long and distinguished career as a geologist, primarily with the Geological Survey of Canada. He was particularly fond of the time he spent living and working in the Yukon. After leaving the Yukon, Lew and Kathy settled in Vancouver. They enjoyed 44 happy years on West 51st Avenue with many wonderful neighbours. During that time, Lew left geology to become a writer and published three books on mining history. Lew loved being in the outdoors, particularly the Yukon, Manning Park, and McGillivray Pass. Lew had a keen intellect and loved history, science, photography, politics, and current affairs. He was a stickler for accuracy and loved a great debate. He was also a wonderful storyteller with a razor sharp sense of humour and he loved nothing more than outwitting his opponents in card games. Lew and Kathy enjoyed many wonderful trips to Europe, Australia, South America, and the back roads of BC. He particularly appreciated visiting the battlefields of Europe with his Black Watch buddies and participating in the celebrations of the 55th and 60th anniversaries of the liberation of Holland. In recent years, Lew suffered from dementia. The family is grateful for the loving and dignified care Lew received at Sunrise of Vancouver. We are also grateful to Dr. Stephen Roberts and Dr. Robert Menzies for their dedicated care. In lieu of flowers, the family would appreciate donations in Lew's memory to the Alzheimer Society of BC ( A Celebration of Life will be held on Sunday, November 23 at 2 p.m. at Ryerson United Church, 2195 West 45th Avenue, Vancouver.

Michael Sanguinetti (1938 - 2014)

Born 29 July,1938 in Hove, England, died peacefully at home with his wife, son and daughter by his side, 12 November, 2014. Michael spent his first two years in Hong Kong where his father was head of Chinese Maritime Customs. He, his mother and sister sailed to Victoria on the last ship out before Hong Kong fell to the Japanese. His father was interned for the duration of the war. He was educated at St. Michael's School, Oak Bay High, and Victoria College where he formed many friendships that have lasted to the present. He left Vic College for the Navy's Venture Programme. Due to a well-known "attitude problem" he lasted only one year. A chance summer job with Atholl Sutherland Brown exploring the geology of Haida Gwaii led him to a career he loved until the day he died. He studied geology at UBC and attained his PEng. He worked for both major and junior mining companies before joining John Stollery and Bert Reeve in Cordilleran Engineering. The partnership discovered a number of properties which have been successfully developed. He left Cordilleran to form Sanguinetti Engineering in 1984. His professional travels took him throughout Canada, the United States, Russia, Venezuela, Peru, Bolivia and Mexico. Throughout his life, animals, such as an orphaned ocelot and many 'rent a dog's in the Arctic, and almost every animal living around him, trusted him implicitly. This was also true of almost every kid he ever encountered and every old lady beginning with his mother-in-law. This perfect gentleman with a wicked sense of humour was predeceased by his parents, Dorothy and E. Neville Sanguinetti, his dear sister Vivien, step- mother Winn Sanguinetti, and his brother Peter Sharp. He is survived by Sonja, his beloved wife of 50 years, his son David (Valerie), his daughter Jennifer (Larry), and his cherished grandchildren, Carson Sanguinetti, Kristina Reeves, Robyn Sanguinetti, and Emily Reeves . He is also survived by his brother Malcolm Sharp (Vicky), his sister- in-law Lynnda Sharp, his sister-in-law Daphne Kelgard, and myriad friends who he made and kept with such ease and grace throughout the years. In lieu of flowers, please consider donations to either the Royal Canadian Marine Search and Rescue (, 6040 East Sooke Road, Sooke, BC V9Z 0Z7, or the Salvation Army BC Divisional Headquarters, 3833 Henning Drive, Burnaby, BC, V5C 6N5 ( britishcolumbia) . For information about the Celebration of Life, please contact members of the family. 

Robert Alexander Roloff (1928 - 2014) Lifetime Member

It is with great sadness and much love that Bob's family announces his passing at the age of 86. He is survived by his loving wife Pat of 55 years; his daughters: Sherilee (Brent) Thomas, Marcie (Lorne) Smigorowsky; son James (Brenda) Roloff; grandchildren: Christopher (Courtney), Nicole (Josh), Emily, Tamara, Nathaniel, Darian; two great-grandchildren: Kira and Evan.Bob is predeceased by his parents Carl and Helen Roloff; brother William and sister Jean Zook.In lieu of flowers the family request donations be made in Bob's memory, to support advanced technology at the Mazankowski Alberta Heart Institute or the William Lutsky YMCA.We would like to express our sincere gratitude to all the staff who provided support and excellent care for Bob and our families at the Mazankowski Alberta Heart Institute.A private family service will be held.

Ralph Belmore Toombs 

Ralph (Uncle Ralph to family, adopted uncle to many) had the innate ability to make whoever he was with feel as though they were the most important person in the room. His wit and charm enlivened every conversation. Ralph loved and cherished his family: brother and sister, six nieces and nephews, thirteen grandnieces and nephews, and eight great-grandnieces and nephews. Relationships with family and friends alike were enriched by his wide-ranging interests, his mischievous sense of humour, and his ability to identify and nurture those things that were important to each of us. 
Ralph was born February 22, 1918 in Vancouver, B.C., to the late Leslie and Gertrude (Smith) Toombs. His early schooling was in Calgary and continued at the University of British Columbia, where he earned a B.A.Sc. (Mineral Engineering), B.A. (Economics), and M.Sc. (Geology). Ralph was a Captain in the Royal Canadian Engineers during WWII, where he was involved in the construction of the Alaska Highway. 

Ralph worked for the Department of Energy, Mines, and Resources as a senior energy advisor and policy analyst for 33 years. Recognised as a pioneer in Canadian energy policy development, he authored numerous publications, served on the Borden Commission, and continued to make important contributions to the Department after retirement. Ralph's interests throughout his working career were guided by his desire to gain a broader perspective on natural resources in Canada. 

Ralph was an active participant and supporter of the arts community in both Ottawa and Stratford, annually attending numerous concerts and plays. He was devoted to his church, Dominion-Chalmers United, where he served as archivist and secretary to the Board of Trustees, receiving an award for his service. A lifelong philanthropist, Ralph supported numerous organisations and individuals, and spent many volunteer hours tutoring children with English as a second language. 

As an avid traveler with a belief in the importance of having a world perspective, Ralph visited China, India, Russia, Australia, Iran, Iraq, Venezuela, and parts of Europe and Africa through his work. After retirement, he continued to attend international mining and energy conferences, and later participated regularly in the Elderhostel program. In his eighties, while still living independently, Ralph frequently visited a nearby retirement residence "to cheer up the old folks!" More recently at his retirement residence, Ralph was very much appreciated by staff and residents alike for his good cheer.

Ralph passed away peacefully in Ottawa, Ontario on Sunday, January 25, 2015. He was predeceased by his sister Marjorie Thomson (husband Mac), and brother Harold (wife Dorothy). Ralph will be remembered for his integrity, zest for life, and caring personality that touched us all. He will be greatly missed by friends and family alike.

Friends and family are invited to visit at the Central Chapel of Hulse, Playfair & McGarry, 315 McLeod Street, (at O'Connor) Ottawa, Ontario on Thursday, February 12, 2015, after 1:30 p.m. until time of a Memorial Service in the Chapel at 2:30 p.m. In lieu of flowers, donations may be made to a charity of your choice. A second Memorial Service will be conducted in Vancouver, B.C. for his western family and friends. Announcement to follow in the Vancouver Sun.

Condolences/Tributes /Donations:

Employment Opportunities

Indigenous Affairs Coordinator (Temporary)
Teck Resources Limited 

This position is a temporary 24 month term contract.
Reporting to the Manager, Indigenous Affairs, the Indigenous Affairs Coordinator will support the rapidly growing area of Indigenous Affairs and company-wide initiatives related to Indigenous Affairs including consultation and engagement, agreement negotiation, and community investment.
Located at Teck’s Vancouver corporate office, this position will provide general support for the day to day activities of Indigenous Affairs, which range in degree of technicality. 

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Leader, Indigenous Affairs
Teck Resources Limited 

Reporting to the Manager, Indigenous Affairs, this position supports the rapidly growing area of Indigenous Affairs within the company and related company-wide initiatives including Indigenous employment and business opportunities, consultation and engagement, regulatory processes, agreement negotiation and implementation and community development and investment.
This position supports the day to day activities of the Indigenous Affairs group. Work will range from research, writing and reporting, to direct engagement or negotiation with Indigenous peoples and communities. 

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Director, Community Engagement
Teck Resources Limited 

Reporting to the Vice President, Community and Government Relations, this role will lead the corporate and global development and delivery of programs and initiatives to achieve Teck’s community and social responsibility goals.
This position is based in Vancouver with frequent travel to sites. Job activities will be aligned with Teck’s Health and Safety, Environment, and Community Management Standards, and our commitments to external initiatives such as the ICMM Sustainable Development Framework and the UN Global Compact.

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Office Space Available

BCGold Corp. has some office space available for sublease including up to 4 large (average 150 sq ft) furnished offices available, with access to a Ricoh color printer, HP plotter, board room with teleconference capability, telephone system, projector, internet, server access and IT support.  Interested parties should contact Brian P. Fowler, President & CEO, BCGold, at 604.697.2401. 

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Courses & Education

The Accountability Project (TAP) is Now Taking Registrations for Courses in Vancouver and Toronto

The Accountability Project (TAP) provides professional training in Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) and Sustainability Management.  TAP has trained more than 500 managers and professionals who have responsibility for aspects of environmental risk management, community relations, sustainability reporting and other CSR or sustainability roles. Each course has five one-day modules which may be taken separately or as part of a comprehensive course.  Module One includes key global CSR frameworks recognized under Canada’s enhanced CSR Strategy for the extractive sector abroad.  Participants who complete at least four modules receive a certificate of completion.

Dates:   Vancouver: April 27-May 1, 2015 | Toronto: June 22-26, 2015  
Register: For course details, to see participant testimonials, or to register, please go to  

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