2011 Annual AME BC Photo Contest

Thank you to all of you who entered the 2011 AME BC Photo Contest. We have set up a Facebook page for members and friends to vote.

View the photos and vote for your favourite photos in each category HERE.

This contest is now at the voting stage. Help your friends win $500 and have their photo on the cover of Mineral Exploration Magazine – circulation of over 6,000 people!

The AME BC Annual Photo Contest is all about depicting mineral exploration and mine development at its finest. We are on the lookout not only for amazing photographs, but photographs that tell the story of what the sector is really all about.

$100 prizes will be awarded for each of our 4 categories. A top prize of $500 will be awarded for the overall best photo, along with an appearance in the 2011 AME BC Photo Calendar and on the cover of Mineral Exploration Magazine.

New this year, AME BC members and the general public will have the chance to view all the contest submissions and vote online via our facebook page. Photo submissions will be uploaded after the submission deadline of September 30, 2011 and the judging session will be open until October 31, 2011.

Please submit your photos via email to Jonathan Buchanan, Director, Communications & Public Affairs at jbuchanan@amebc.ca before September 30, 2011. View our past photo contest winners in our photo gallery.
*AME BC reserves the right to refuse inappropriate photographs.

Increase Your Chances of Winning!
To increase your chances of winning, please follow the below set of guidelines and category descriptions.

The following rules and guidelines apply for all photos. Entries must:

  • Include the photographer’s name and contact info, along with a brief description of the image, location and, if applicable, who is in the photograph. For photos of scenery, people and animals in particular, please also include how the image is relevant to mineral exploration (e.g. activity conducted, name of property, nearby geological feature).
  • Be original and previously unpublished.
  • Be digital with a minimum resolution of 300 dpi (high resolution .jpeg is preferred).

Note that photos submitted will not be returned. All photos submitted become the property of AME BC and may be used in future publications.


People at Work: We want to see people with their tools!  We want to see people active and involved, digging in the BC dirt for samples, hammering the rocks, reading maps, and using GPS devices. Tell the human side of the exploration story through your lenses.

Exploration Scenery: BC’s landscape is gorgeous, but true to the heart of every prospector, explorationist, miner, and mineral exploration supporter, what a beautiful sight it is to see exploration happening on that landscape. We want to see your beautiful scenery shots, may they be mountains, waterfalls, valleys and forests, but those incorporating people involved in exploration, prospecting, and drilling, well, magnificent! Show us your passion for responsible exploration in the areas where you operate.

Animals, Minerals, Harmony: BC is full of amazing wildlife and as part of AME BC’s commitment to responsible exploration, minimizing impact to the animals around us is important. For this category we want to see those fantastic shots of bears and wolves and everything in between! Showcase how mineral exploration can co-exist with wildlife peacefully and beautifully.
Health & Safety: AME BC recognizes that health and safety are fundamental cornerstones of the mineral exploration sector and encourages the promotions of sound and responsible business practices to ensure everyone’s right to a healthy and safe workplace. In this category we want to see photographs depicting your best safety efforts and how you ensure that everyone around “has a safe day, everyday”.

View our past photo contest winners in our photo gallery