Benefits of Membership

Download and view our benefits of membership brochure! In this brochure you will find our member benefits broken down in table format by Individual and Corporate Membership categories (and more).

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As a large and strong industry organization advocating for successful and responsible mineral exploration and development, the perspectives from both individual and corporate members are equally important for AME BC when developing strategy and advocacy efforts to address key areas and issues that affect our industry.
Our Individual Membership allows for important input and feedback on key matters from the perspective of an individual professional working within the global exploration and development industry, and not necessarily as an employee or representative of any one company or group operating or based in BC.
Our Corporate Membership allows our producing, exploration and service and supply member companies and associations to provide valuable feedback on how certain public policy issues will impact, or are affecting, their ability to efficiently manage and conduct their business in BC or from a BC based office. 

Our overall advocacy efforts are enhanced and strengthened when perspectives from both our individual and corporate members are sought and brought to the attention of the public, First Nations or the government. 

Both our Individual and Corporate Members enjoy:

  • A complimentary subscription to our quarterly magazine Mineral Exploration
  • A complimentary subscription to our monthly e-newsletter, the AME BC News
  • Complimentary listing in our online Membership Directory, and access to the restricted members only Membership Directory
  • Complimentary articles on award recognition in the AME BC News
  • Access to AME BC staff regarding exploration policy, government relations, aboriginal relations, health and safety, and other issues
  • Access to exclusive AME BC member discounts
  • Access to discounted rates for AME BC special events and workshops

    ○ Employees of a Corporate Member are entitled to the member rate at our events with the exception of Roundup. Although you must be a Corporate Member to exhibit or be placed on the exhibitor waitlist, the discount to Roundup is associated with individual not corporate membership. 
  • Invitation to the annual AME BC Open House, and other free networking events

(there are more benefits not listed here associated with Corporate Membership – note that all exhibitors at our annual conference, Mineral Exploration Roundup, are required to be Corporate Members)

We work every day on behalf of our members in the following advocacy areas:

  • Lobbying – connecting directly with the provincial and federal governments on behalf of the mineral exploration and development industry 
  • Permitting - developing more efficient and effective permitting to facilitate successful exploration in BC
  • Land Access and Use - ensuring optimum access to explore BC’s vast mineral potential
  • Aboriginal Engagement - providing tools and opportunities to properly engage BC’s First Nations and indigenous people worldwide
  • Economic Incentives - encouraging investment for exploration projects within a competitive world
  • Geoscience - Encouraging consistent investment in public geoscience and explaining the significant return of such investment to our industry as well as members of the general public
  • Infrastructure - promoting development and stimulating mineral exploration and mining activity in remote areas
  • Human Resources - ensuring that our sector can continue to attract a qualified, motivated workforce
  • Health and Safety - providing leadership in health and safety and promoting “a safe day, everyday”

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Become a Member Now! For more information please email Roxanne Finnie at or call 604.630.3927.