Member Testimonials

“AME BC’s role in improving the working environment in BC has been important to Fjordland’s recent negotiations with major international mining companies.”
            - Tom Schroeter, President and CEO (retired), Fjordland Exploration Inc.

“AME BC has been critical to our business by working to protect the land base for mineral exploration, helping us with aboriginal relations, and simplifying the regulatory burdens we face every day.”
            - David Moore, President and CEO, Serengeti Resources Inc.

“AME BC was instrumental in the Highway 37 Power Coalition’s successful lobbying efforts to electrify the North. Their advocacy and communication of the BC advantage have greatly helped with investor confidence.”
            - Mark Jarvis, President, Hard Creek Nickel

“AME BC has worked tirelessly to ensure that the exploration industry in BC has a voice on issues such as land access, sustainable development and security of tenure. Their efforts to build better working relationships with First Nations groups have benefitted us all. We support these efforts through our long standing corporate membership.”
            - Don Lindsay, President and CEO, Teck Resources Limited