Community engagement and outreach is a top priority for AME BC and BC’s global mineral exploration and development sector. Responsible mineral exploration is possible through finding common ground and building and sustaining strong, open, and long-lasting relationships based on mutual understanding and respect.

AME BC works with local communities, both rural and urban, and regional exploration groups to build the positive relationships that are integral to positive mineral resource development and mutual prosperity. As responsible mineral explorers and developers we play a key role in sustainable development and finding the balance between social, environmental and economic considerations in order to meet the growing needs of all communities while maintaining a healthy environment and vibrant economy for present and future generations.

AME BC is proactively demonstrating leadership, developing partnerships and strengthening community relationships by seeking, engaging and supporting dialogue regarding mineral exploration and development activities.

Key examples of community outreach and engagement by AME BC include:

  • Contributing to regional exploration group events;
  • Actively participating in local government conferences;
  • Supporting community events and charities such as the BC Children’s Hospital through the Mining for Miracles campaign; and
  • Providing educational outreach through the Mining 101 initiative.