British Columbia is a world leader in geological data and geosciences. A recent study ranked British Columbia’s geological database quality as among the top in the world. But with challenging geology and climate the inventory of the province’s mineral potential needs constant attention. Unique innovative approaches to our provinces geosciences are critical to ensuring British Columbia remains a leader in open source geological related data. AME BC constantly advocates for more resources for government organizations such as the BC Geological Survey and the Geological Survey of Canada.

AME BC is a strong supporter of Geoscience BC and was key to that organization’s creation. Geoscience BC is an innovative model for the use of public geosciences funds. As an arm’s length organization Geoscience BC partners with the private sector, academia and other levels of government to leverage government funds and direct them to projects of priority identified by the mineral exploration sector.

AME BC Geoscience Guiding Principles 

AME BC recognizes that continued investment in public geoscience for information on valuable, shared mineral resources is essential to support early stage prospecting, advanced stage exploration and mining. Publicly available geosciences information also plays a critical role in land use decisions related to access to mineral resources.

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