Aboriginal Relations Guiding Principles

The Association for Mineral Exploration BC (AME BC) recognizes that building respectful and sustainable relationships with Aboriginal Peoples will assist its members in having access to land and resources, security of tenure, access to services and labour, and to operate according to standards of good corporate practice.

As such, in conducting their activities, AME BC members should strive to:  



Work proactively with Aboriginal Peoples to build mutually beneficial relationships based on a shared understanding of our respective rights and interests.




Assist, to the extent reasonable, governments in carrying out their duty to consult and, where appropriate, accommodate Aboriginal Peoples regarding government decisions that may affect existing and asserted Aboriginal and treaty rights.










Respect existing and asserted Aboriginal and treaty rights.




Ensure early and timely discussions with local Aboriginal communities regarding activities that may affect them.










Respect Aboriginal communities’ assertions regarding their traditional territories.




Provide potentially affected communities with the information needed to encourage open, meaningful dialogue that addresses their interests and concerns.




Respect the diversity of interests and cultures among Aboriginal Peoples and their respective relationships and views towards land and its resources.



Encourage the governments to carry out their duty to consult in a manner that reasonably balances existing and asserted Aboriginal and treaty rights with the interests of AME BC and its members. 



“Have a safe day, everyday.”

Approved by the Board of Directors,
Association for Mineral Exploration British Columbia, September 15, 2009


Robert Stevens, Chairman

Gavin C. Dirom, President & CEO