Geoscience Guiding Principles

The Association for Mineral Exploration British Columbia (AME BC) recognizes that continued investment in public geoscience for information on valuable, shared mineral resources is essential to support early stage prospecting, advanced stage exploration and mining. Publicly available geosciences information also plays a critical role in land use decisions related to access to mineral resources.

In conducting their activities, AME BC members should strive to:



Support geoscience through organizations such as:

  • the BC Geological Survey and the Geological Survey of Canada to generate new public geosciences data and maps, maintain public databases and provide access to geoscience information and expertise; and




Support and communicate openly with public geoscience organizations, while taking into account the competitive nature of mineral exploration and the need for corporate confidentiality in certain instances.

  • Geoscience BC as the industry-led, industry focused, not for profit geoscience organization in British Columbia to develop, generate, market and use advanced and innovative geosciences exploration related technologies and methods to assist the exploration industry in BC.



Engage with geoscience agencies, academia, Aboriginal people and communities to explain and disseminate geoscience knowledge and public mineral exploration information.





Encourage consistent investment in public geoscience and explain the significant return of such investment to mineral explorers, miners, government land planners and members of the public, thereby attracting global investment.





Share newly collected geoscience data, new ideas and new technologies, compilations and reprocessing of existing data and applications of existing technologies by contributing this information to the BC Geological Survey.




Promote industry best practice standards when conducting geoscience research and exploration activities to meet balanced social, environmental and economic objectives.





Develop mutually respectful relationships that acknowledge the rights and interests of others in the access and use of the land when undertaking geosciences research and mineral exploration activities.



Communicate these guiding principles concerning the importance of geoscience to associated communities of interest, Aboriginal peoples, relevant regulatory agencies and international stakeholders.


 “Have a safe day, everyday.”

Approved by the Board of Directors,
Association for Mineral Exploration British Columbia, September 14, 2010


Lena Brommeland, Chair

Gavin C. Dirom, President & CEO