AME BC Guiding Principles

AME BC launched its Guiding Principles in 2009 based on input from working committees made up of volunteer experts, board members, and staff. There are two main purposes for developing such principles. The first is to clearly describe the views and interests of AME BC’s members to the public and government. The second is to serve as a guide for AME BC members, committees, and staff in developing and communicating policy. To date, sets of guiding principles have been developed for geoscience, aboriginal relations, environment, health and safety, land use, and uranium and thorium exploration.


Aboriginal Relations Guiding Principles

AME BC recognizes that building respectful and sustainable relationships with Aboriginal Peoples will assist its members in having access to land and resources, security of tenure, access to services and labour, and to operate according to standards of good corporate practice. Read now+

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CSR Guiding Principles

The Association for Mineral Exploration BC (AME BC) recognizes the importance of building and maintaining mutually beneficial, respectful and lasting relationships based on principles of social responsibility to maximize the positive economic and social benefits from mineral exploration and development to present and future generations. Read now+

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Environmental Guiding Principles

AME BC recognizes that for present and future generations environmental stewardship is a fundamental cornerstone of a safe, modern, and sustainable mineral exploration and mining sector. Read now+

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Geoscience Guiding Principles

AME BC recognizes that continued investment in public geoscience for information on valuable, shared mineral resources is essential to support early stage prospecting, advanced stage exploration and mining. Publicly available geosciences information also plays a critical role in land use decisions related to access to mineral resources. Read now+

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Health and Safety Guiding Principles

AME BC recognizes that health and safety are fundamental cornerstones of the mineral exploration and mining sector. In pursuit of preventing incidents among its members, AME BC encourages the promotion of sound and responsible business practices to ensure everyone’s right to a healthy and safe workplace. Read now+

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Land Use Guiding Principles

AME BC recognizes that mineral resources are hidden and require large investments of time and money to find and quantify for potential mine development to occur. Read now+ 

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Uranium & Thorium Exploration Guiding Principles

AME BC recognizes that uranium and thorium are important and valuable natural resources and exploring and mining those resources are legitimate and safe activities occurring in Canada and around the world today, and into the future.  AME BC members are encouraged to responsibly promote standards of excellence in uranium and thorium exploration, development and mining, including closure and reclamation.  Read now+ 

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