Land Use Guiding Principles

The Association for Mineral Exploration British Columbia (AME BC) recognizes that mineral resources are hidden and require large investments of time and money to find and quantify for potential mine development to occur. The cornerstones of a successful and sustainable mineral exploration and development industry therefore are:

  • access to large tracts of land to conduct temporary, low-impact exploration for valuable resources;
  • ability to acquire secure mineral tenure; and
  • the opportunity to advance and develop a viable mineral resource project under appropriate legislation.

In conducting their activities, AME BC members should strive to:


Support the “Two-Zone” model for mineral exploration and development through the implementation of good management practices to achieve no net loss of mineral development lands.




Promote industry standards that encompass sustainability and flexibility when conducting exploration activities to meet balanced social, environmental, and economic objectives.


Develop mutually respectful relationships that acknowledge the rights and interests of others in the use of the land.



Communicate these guiding principles concerning the unique nature of mineral resources and the cornerstones of the industry to associated communities of interest, Aboriginal peoples, relevant regulatory agencies and international stakeholders.


“Have a safe day, everyday.”

Approved by the Board of Directors,
Association for Mineral Exploration British Columbia, September 15, 2009


Robert Stevens, Chairman

Gavin C. Dirom, President & CEO