Uranium & Thorium Exploration
Guiding Principles

The Association for Mineral Exploration British Columbia (AME BC) recognizes that uranium and thorium are important and valuable natural resources and exploring and mining those resources are legitimate and safe activities occurring in Canada and around the world today, and into the future.  AME BC members are encouraged to responsibly promote standards of excellence in uranium and thorium exploration, development and mining, including closure and reclamation.

In conducting their activities, AME BC members should strive to: 



Communicate these guiding principles about uranium & thorium exploration to our members, communities of interest, aboriginal peoples, relevant regulatory agencies and international stakeholders. 




Support public and industry education efforts that seek to explain the differences between naturally-occurring incidental radioactive mineral occurrences, exploration targets and mineable deposits of uranium & thorium and their many positive and beneficial uses, principally in the energy sector and in critical health care applications.



Recognize and respect that public perceptions of uranium & thorium exploration in many jurisdictions may differ from their own, and they understand the risk and responsibility of exploring for uranium & thorium in such areas. 




In compliance with applicable laws, undertake uranium & thorium exploration activities in a transparent and safe manner using sustainable development principles based on balancing economic, social and environmental considerations.




Support government, local and aboriginal communities’ scientific understanding, research and public education of naturally occurring uranium & thorium, the geology of such deposits, the potential opportunities, risks and technical mitigation strategies.




Efficiently manage uranium & thorium exploration and mining activities to optimize benefits and mitigate impacts by implementing scientifically-proven and economically-feasible technologies.




Develop partnerships and maintain relationships with communities, industry and scientific bodies, agencies and academia that have expertise and experience in the field of uranium & thorium exploration and mining. 



Continuously seek opportunities to improve the scientific understanding and education of uranium & thorium exploration and mining to help ensure due process, consultation with industry and a fair hearing of the benefits and costs, the realities and the risks.




“Have a safe day, everyday."

Approved by the Board of Directors,
Association for Mineral Exploration British Columbia, June 16, 2009 

Robert Stevens, Chairman

Gavin C. Dirom, President & CEO