Resource Roads

During the fall, AME BC has participated in consultation regarding proposed legislation called the Natural Resource Road Act. The BC Government News Release dated October 17, 2011 sets out the following: “The Natural Resource Road Act Project aims to establish a single legislative framework for the use, construction, maintenance and management of resources roads. This simplified process will create certainty about rules and regulations, and provide consistency for all sectors and resources roads users.”  The Discussion Paper dated November 2011 sets out the following: “The Act will provide common requirements and responsibilities regarding construction, maintenance and use of resources roads in a manner that is reasonable and fair for all concerned with due consideration for the public interest and the environment.”  For more information

Access to the land is a base value on which the province’s mineral exploration sector relies on. AME BC fundamentally believes that all roads, especially resource roads, should be considered a public asset and therefore should be retained for the use by all British Columbians.  AME BC believes that government should be developing stronger policies around road stabilization and limited liability, and that road deactivation should be undertaken only as a last resort. AME BC supports any efforts by government to provide additional information and opportunities for further review and input. 

Read our December 15 submission to government here:

Copy of AME BC's Letter to Don Gosnell, Manager Resource Roads

Copy of AME BC's Summary of Concerns