Mineral Title

The BC mineral tenure system allows individuals and corporations to acquire mineral rights and conduct exploration for minerals situated on crown and private land. Before registering  mineral claims electronically, the company or individual is required to register with the government and pay a fee to obtain a Free Miner Certificate. Mineral rights are acquired by registering a mineral claim to land through Mineral Titles Online.

Enquiries regarding Mineral Titles Online should be directed to the Mineral Titles Branch of the BC Ministry of Energy, Mines and Petroleum Resources at Mineral.Titles@gov.bc.ca, 1.866.616.4999 (North America), or 604.660.2672 (Lower Mainland/ outside North America).

Mineral rights do not provide an individual or corporation with surface rights or automatic right to proceed to development. Individuals or corporations wishing to develop mineral properties using mechanical equipment must acquire multiple permits for specific activities related to exploration and development. 

Larger disturbances to the land require higher levels of environmental, social, and economic assessment. Major projects are subject to thorough environmental assessment reviews. The review of proposed work programs by government include public and First Nations consultation based upon the scope of the proposed work and will in most cases require the posting of a reclamation security deposit.

BC’s  mineral tenure system generally provides strong clear title to minerals.  However in recent times the strength of title has been weakened by the multitude of land planning exercises and different hurdles that must be met prior to commencing even simple mineral exploration programs.  The free entry principle upon which BC and Canada’s mineral tenure systems are based is crucial to maintaining Canada’s edge in the global mineral exploration activity and access to capital that funds such exploration activities.


Follow this link to view the information received by AME BC from the Mineral Titles Branch  of the Ministry of Energy and Mines on May 24, 2012



AME BC previously provided its recommendations regarding Mineral Tenure Act Regulation changes in November 2010. Please read the letter and recommendations below:

November 12, 2010 letter to:
Hon. Pat Bell, Minister of Forests, Mines and Lands
Hon. Randy Hawes, Minister of State for Mining
Hon. Steve Thomson, Minister of Natural Resource Operations
AME BC’s Recommendations re. Proposed Changes to Mineral Tenure Act Regulation

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