Honourable Service Roll

The Honourable Service Roll was established in 2006 to recognize and honour current and former AME members for their long-serving support and significant contributions to AME’s initiatives, activities, and Committee participation.

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New candidates are nominated each year, adjudicated by the AME Membership Committee, recommended to the Board of Directors, and announced at the AME AGM which takes place each January at AME’s annual conference, Mineral Exploration Roundup.


The AME Honourable Service Roll recognizes and honours AME current and former members who have and/or are continuing to support, are currently serving and/or have served on the executive, directorship and committees, and have made and/or are continuing to make significant contributions related to AME initiatives and activities.

Qualifications for HSR Candidates

  1. All outgoing Directors, Executives and staff of AME contingent on their service contributions to the organization during their tenure in office and/or previous to their appointment or election.
  2. AME Committee members who have made significant contributions to the organization and mineral exploration / development industry. Simply being a member of a committee and attending the committee meetings or luncheons does not qualify for HSR consideration.
  3. AME member who has made a significant monetary, sponsorship, or innovative initiative/activity for AME.
  4. All recipients of the Frank Woodside Past Presidents Distinguished Service Award are automatically added to the Honourable Service Roll.

Interested in nominating? Click here to fill out the form by September 30. If you have any questions please contact Stasia Wegner, AME Manager, Member Services at [email protected] or 604.630.3930.

2019 Honourable Service Roll

Brian Abraham
Lloyd Addie
Sam Adkins
Nicole Adshead-Bell
Jim Allan
Morgen Andoff
‘Lyn Anglin
Mike Ball
Ed Balon
Michael Beley
Dan Berkshire
Arne Birkeland
Stewart Blusson
Lindsay Bottomer
Robert Boyd
Peter Bradshaw
Don Bragg
John Brock
Lena Brommeland
Robert D. Brown
Robert J. Brown
Bruce Brown
Mike Burke
Alex Burton
Brian Butterworth
Barbara Caelles
Ted Caldwell
Gerry Carlson
Bob Carmichael
Linda Caron
Nick Carter
Paul Cassidy
Mike Cathro
David Caulfield
Tara Christie
Alex Christopher
Peter Christopher
Jon Collins
Sandy Colvine
Rick Conte
Sue Craig
Bogart Cross
George Cross
Fred Daley
Linda Dandy
Vivian Danielson
Andrew Davies
Greg Dawson
Gerry Delane
Jack Denny
Fionnuala Devine
Bob Dickinson
Glen Dickson
Gavin E. Dirom
David Dunn
Jason Dunning
Rudi Durfeld
Lana Eagle
Carol Ellis
Kristy Emery
Michael Farnsworth
Janice Fingler
Ian Foreman
Mona Forster
Jeff Franzen
Geoff Freer
Hugh Gabrielse
David Gale
Shari Gardiner
Glen Garratt
Al Gerun
Brian Grant
Diane Gregory
Gary Giroux
Chris Graf
Jim Gray
Michael Gray
Perry Grunenberg
Gene Gulajec
John Hamilton
Colin Harivel
Greg Hawkins
Rick Higgs
Sheila Holmes
Sally Howson
Mary Hughes
Tracy Hurley
Tom Isaac
Dan Jepsen
Kendra Johnston
Robin Junger
Ed Kimura
Elaine Konschuh
Richard LeBourdais
Dave Lefebure
Leo Lindinger
Maureen Lipkewich
Jonathan Longe
Grant Longhurst
Grant Luck
Terry Macauley
Fran Macpherson
Jack McClintock
Donald McInnes
Bruce McKnight
David McLelland
Ron McMillan
Michael McPhie
Harlan Meade
Reesa Meltzer
William Meyer
James Moors
Lyle Morgenthaler
Jim Morin
Jim Mortensen
Bill Morton
Marilyn Mullan
Ted Muraro
John Murray
Donald Mustard
Jim Mustard
Ronald Netolitzky
John Newell
Gary Nordin
Janine North
Darren O’Brien
Christine Ogryzlo
Peter Ogryzlo
Erik Ostensoe
Ian Paterson
Robert Paterson
Jack Patterson
Robert Pease
Matthew Pickard
Darrell Podowski
Robert Quartermain
Thomas Richards
Wayne Roberts
Steve Robertson
Chris Rockingham
Caroline Rossignol
Don Rotherham
Colin Russell
Colleen Giroux Schmidt
Tom Schroeter
Walter Sellmer
Alastair Sinclair
Hans Smit
Moira Smith
Wayne Spilsbury
Sheila Stenzel
Robert Stevens
J. Paul Stevenson
Dirk Tempelman-Kluit
Edie Thome
John Thompson
Claire Thomson
Ian Thomson
Laurie Thomson
Linda Thorstad
Richard Tosdal
Harvey Tremblay
Randy Turner
Lloyd Twaites
Rick Van Nieuwenhuyse
Steve Vanry
David Watkins
Jason Weber
Brian Welchman
Scott Weston
Jeff Wilson
Paul Wojdak
Bill Wolfe
Marke Wong
Robin Woods
Victoria Yehl
Randall Yip
Robert Yorke-Hardy
Moe Young

Deceased 2005-2014
David Barr
Ted Caldwell
Michael Casselman
Bob Cathro
Peter DeLancey
Ralph Macdonald
Wendy Mathison
Cliff Rennie
Ronald Stokes

Deceased in 2015
Ab Ablett
Dean Toye

Deceased in 2017
Charlie Aird
Art Soregaroli
Robert Spencer
Ben Ainsworth
Charles Aird
Robin Dawson
Eric Denny
John Kalmet
Jim Kermeen
Bing Lovang
Donald McLeod
Rupert Seel
Art Soregaroli
Bob Spencer
George Vooro

Deceased in 2018
Jim Mackie