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Don Bragg has been an active prospector since 1956, working for both major and junior mining companies and has been a self-employed prospector, contractor, and camp manager since 1964. Don has been affiliated with AME since 1962 and has been very active, having served on many committees and the Board of Directors. Don was first elected to the Board in 1976.

Don continues to advocate for the prospectors as their access to land continues to be limited through regulation and prohibitions and the decommissioning of existing access roads. Don also advocates for more prospecting schools for prospective prospectors who do not have high school graduation. Further, Don recognizes the need for more options to help fund grassroots exploration work and strongly supports the important work of educating the public about the value of mining and mineral exploration to their daily lives and to the economy of British Columbia. Don is currently serving on the Land Access & Use, Membership, and Communications & Marketing Committees in addition to the Board of Directors.