Ryan Samis

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Currently the Vice President of Operations at Geotech Drilling Services Ltd. He quickly rose up the ranks, becoming a driller, supervisor and successfully growing the exploration division of the company from 2008 until he became a manager of the entire department in 2011 and then into a senior management role in 2015. Ryan invested in his future with Geotech, becoming a shareholder in 2012. He has orchestrated all aspects of Geotech’s most significant projects, including tendering, project preparation, purchasing, logistics/operations, human resources, invoicing and client relations.

He has worked on, oversaw and led drilling programs throughout Western Canada, the Canadian Arctic, US, South America, and more recently, West Africa. Further to his role at Geotech, he also sits as the President of the Canadian Diamond Drilling Association and has been a member of the Board of Directors with the CDDA since 2014, chairing the Technical Committee within the Group.