BOOM! Launch – Britannia Mine Museum

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 Britannia Mine Museum launch BOOM!

Opening June 1st, 2019, BOOM! will introduce audiences to the story, sights, and sounds behind this architectural marvel with an immersive live-action experience inside Mill no.3. The experience involves multiple screens, over thirty speakers, physical and special effects–bringing all 20-storey’s of the historic Mill rumbling back to life.

Reawakened with the magic of special effects, BOOM! reveals the captivating story behind this National Historic Site–a beacon of economic and community prosperity. Visitors will discover first-hand the historic Mill’s purpose, the giant machines that made it work, and finally the thunderous roar of a working Mill.

While many British Columbians have a personal connection to Britannia Mine—a partner, a parent, or a grandparent who worked at Britannia—few know the Mill’s story and its purpose first-hand. With the launch of BOOM!, the Museum is eager to give a new generation the opportunity to discover and immerse themselves in the magic of the Mill and the sights and sounds of the architectural sensation.

The Mill Show was produced in partnership with local companies Vista Collaborative Arts and Dynamic Attractions–a made in B.C. success story. This project would not have been possible without the generous support from Museum donors and the Government of Canada.

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