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Spotlight on Mental Health in Mineral Exploration

December 7, 2021 @ 9:30 am 10:30 am PST

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Safety is a top priority in mineral exploration, but our minds often jump first to the physical risks, such as driving or flying conditions, operating heavy machinery, and the ever-present slips, trips and falls. Now, it’s time to shift the focus to our internal well-being and the mental health challenges we personally, or the people around us, may face.

On December 7, we invite you to join us for an open dialogue on mental health to discuss stress, addiction, fatigue, anxiety and more. Our three guests will share their personal stories, including how their lives have been impacted by mental health issues, stigmas they encountered, signs to watch for, and how they continue to deal with the challenges they face. Between a global pandemic, booming industry and constant changes to our personal and professional environments, we can all benefit from an honest conversation about mental health.

Sponsored by Equity Exploration.


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Jas Clancy

Jas has been working as a geoscientist in the mineral exploration industry since 2011. Through student internships with major gold mining companies, she adopted a strong sense for best practices. As a G.I.T., Jas has continued to hone her skills while working at various stages of the exploration pipeline in B.C., the Yukon, and Nevada. Joining Equity in 2019, Jas has made contributions logging core and managing drill programs on multiple gold and copper projects. Her passion for hydrothermal alteration systems was fostered during tenure at Red Chris Mine, a world class porphyry deposit.

Perry Cook

I have worked in the mining exploration business as a service provider and media for overall 13 years. Originally from Northern BC I have been everywhere in BC and the Yukon. I was very active in social events and networking functions in the mining sector. In 2017 I was going through an ugly divorce and like a typical man, thought I was handling it ok. I kept all my emotions in but portrayed being happy. I was under terrible stress even though I was running, hiking and biking 7 days a week. In November 2019 my divorce was finalized just before trial, I thought I would celebrate by going to California (as opposed to court in Prince George). 24 hours I went to the hospital as I knew something was wrong.

Code Blue – That is not a good thing. Blood pressure was 225/120. In emergency I heard these words “who is your next of kin?” “Do you have a DNR?” “We are going to try to save you Mr Cook”. Spent 3.5 weeks in hospital in California then 3 months at GF Strong Rehab in Vancouver learning to walk, talk, and literally function with a my right side of my body non-functioning. 2 years of constant exercise and self rehab I am back to about 90%. I even ran a half marathon in Whistler lately in 2:31.

Life is too short. Stress almost killed me. Eat dessert first.