Yukon Dan Gold Panning

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Yukon Dan Gold Panning in the Classroom

Yukon Dan goes to school and teaches kids about gold panning in a very engaging and interactive way. Dan’s hands-on presentation allows students to rotate through three stations, gold panning, separating minerals with a magnet and completing a worksheet. This is a great way to educate students about Canadian heritage, gold rushes, first nations, placer mining, rocks and minerals, earth and science, sustainable resources, minerals in everyday life.

Dan performed his presentations at the following schools;

  • Brechin Elementary School
  • Drinkwater Elementary School
  • McGirr Elementary School
  • Park Avenue Community School


Michelle Steves from Drinkwater Elementary reported that Dan’s “program, updated materials and classroom management are irreplaceable.  [Dan’s] skill, dedication, professionalism, clear communication and punctual skills are easy to work with.  [His] very active and hands-on lessons are remembered for years by the students in all grades and instill ‘Gold Fever’ for a lifetime.”

Angela Dyce wrote: “I have had the privilege of seeing the ‘Yukon Dan Presentation’ numerous times over the years.  The information taught not only fits well within the structure of the new BC curriculum but the delivery of that material is extremely engaging.  Students are taken on an interactive journey that gives them insight and knowledge into the gold rush and the history of our country. Dan has a way about delivering the information so that the kids hang on his every word and the experience of learning is optimized. Dan truly brings the ‘gold rush’ to the classroom.  I have seen Dan present numerous times over the years and hope that he continues to be part of the learning experience within the school setting.  I know McGirr will certainly continue to welcome his expertise and charisma into our school and education experience.”

Ms. Joy Tretick wrote, “I am a grade 3 teacher at Park Avenue…The first word that comes to mind after Yukon Dan’s gold mining presentation is “Wow”! Dan’s knowledge of the subject matter and passion is first-rate.  My class was fully engaged and eager to participate.  The grade 3’s were left with a rich learning experience that is unique and powerful.  His presence in the classroom is unmatched. In fact, I have recommended Yukon Dan to other educators already!”

Neil Varner from Brechin Elementary Nanaimo, B.C said “Everything was hands-on, and his directions were clear and well organized.  The students learned a lot about the gold rushes in British Columbia, and about the importance of mining to our economy.  His enthusiasm was infectious, and the kids came away wanting to learn more about British Columbia history.”

AME Strategic Plan component(s): Public Awareness and Stakeholder Awareness and Education; Indigenous Relations and Reconciliation