AME’s 2019-2020 Annual Work Plan

The Annual Work Plan specifies the activities and allocation of resources to achieve the year’s goals. The activities link directly to the priorities in the Strategic Plan and in concert, both focus on achievements for the benefit of AME members.

AME Vision: Through leadership, advocacy, and collaborative partnerships AME assists in the expansion of the responsible work of mineral explorers and developers operating, or based, in British Columbia.

Key Goals of the 2019-2020 Annual Work Plan

Over the past few years, AME has been extremely successful at advancing our relationships with government bodies, both with the Province and a variety of Nations. It is imperative that these efforts continue and that the relationships we have built are maintained. Our goals for 2019-2020 will focus on our members, and advancing our industry from the ground up, while also maintaining our relationship with governments.

Successful Exploration

  • Mining Jobs Task Force Action items including METC, MFTS, investment fund and BC Regional Mining Alliance (BCRMA) initiatives
  • Notice of Work engagement and workshops
  • Carbon footprint tracking

Public and Stakeholder Outreach and Engagement

  • Public Engagement and Awareness Program
  • E-commerce strategy including sponsorships and advertising
  • Promote and profile our members
  • Membership marketing materials

Indigenous Relations and Reconciliation

  • Participation in First Nation lead events
  • Communicating engagement best practices to our members
  • Continue cultural awareness training

Member Benefits and Services

  • Develop a Job Board for seasonal workers
  • Grow our MinEx Talks program
  • Strengthen members and partner relationships

Mineral Exploration Roundup

  • Promote diversity and inclusiveness
  • Curate leading technical content
  • Deliver another fantastic conference

See the Infographic attached for the visual presentation of the work plan.