Recent Issues

Indigenous Relations

AME is recognized as an expert in aboriginal and community engagement for the mineral exploration sector.

Responsible mineral exploration is possible only through building an… Read More

Environment, Health & Safety

Health and safety are fundamental cornerstones of mineral exploration and development. AME is committed to promoting sound and responsible business practices that ensure eve… Read More


British Columbia is a world leader in geological data and geosciences. A recent study ranked British Columbia’s geological database quality as among the top in the world. But w… Read More

Integrated Social Responsibility

AME recognizes that corporate responsibility and respect for human rights, in the quest for mine development around the world, is being questioned and challenged on many fronts… Read More

Land Access & Use

Minerals are a hidden resource and access to land is one of the means to discover and bring value to those provincial resources. AME works with governments, communities, and stake… Read More

Taxation, Securities and Investment

AME understands that an effective and progressive securities and taxation regime is a critical component to encouraging investment in mineral exploration and realizing succe… Read More