Awards Committee

The AME Awards Committee solicits, receives, and adjudicates nominations for the Annual AME Awards. These awards include the H.H. “Spud” Huestis Award, E.A. Scholz Award, Murray Pezim Award, Hugo Dummett Diamond Award, Colin Spence Award, and the Robert R. Hedley Award.

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They formally recommend recipients of awards to the AME Board of Directors, preserve the integrity and promote the significance of the AME Awards, and manage the AME Outreach Education Fund.

Staff lead: Savannah Nadeau |

Communications and Marketing Committee

The AME Communications and Marketing Committee assists AME and the Board in providing timely and effective communication to its members and other key audiences such as government, the public, and other communities of interest.

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The Mineral Exploration Editorial Sub-Committee provides advice and guidance on the content of AME’s magazine, Mineral Exploration. The magazine was first established in 1981 as Mining Review and first appointed an Editorial Board in 2003 (the magazine was renamed Mineral Exploration in 2006). AME announced its final print magazine in 2020, as our world increasingly becomes more digital, we made the difficult but rational decision to shift all of our stories online. The Sub-Committee will assist in online content from 2021.

The Committee provides regular reports on communications initiatives and issues as well as Committee activities and recommends actions regarding communication initiatives at AME Board meetings. It includes a sub-committee, the Mineral Exploration Editorial Board.

Staff lead: Jordan Townley | 236. 334. 5499

Executive Committee

The Executive Committee acts on behalf of the Board when the Board is not in session. In this role, the Executive provides leadership to the Association by supporting the President, Vice President(s), staff and committees with direction, advice, and planning and, as required, by Board-level decision making.

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Staff lead:  Kendra Johnston | 778.772.4410

Finance Committee

Members of the AME Finance Committee review, on behalf of the Board of Directors, the preparation of the annual operating budget and the quarterly and annual financial statements, as well as our returns on investment assets and other related matters.

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Staff lead:  Lorelie Balatbat 

Health & Safety Committee

The Health & Safety Committee works with members, government, and other associations to ensure that the mineral exploration community is able to work safely and productively.

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The Committee was formed in October 1980 by the late David Barr following a particularly tragic year in exploration in western Canada when nine individuals, including two pilots, lost their lives in separate helicopter accidents. The Committee produces Safety Guidelines for Mineral Exploration in Western Canada, collaborates with PDAC on the annual Canadian Mineral Exploration Health & Safety Survey, and holds annual mineral exploration safety workshops. The Committee also presents the David Barr Award for leadership and innovation in health and safety in the mineral exploration sector.

Staff lead: Jonathan Buchanan | 778.840.0620

Membership Committee

The purpose of the Membership Committee is to provide and demonstrate AME member value and identify and address topical issues with respect to attracting new members and retaining current members (both corporate and individual).

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The Committee shall be a conduit between the Board, other committees and members by communicating and liaising regularly with AME members to encourage input and feedback on issues related to mineral exploration and development and AME activities. The Committee shall also recognize the achievements of AME members for the Honourable Service Roll nominations as well as coordinate applications for AME Life Memberships.

The Membership Committee includes the Old-Timers Committee, whose responsibilities include maintaining the AME Old-Timers’ list and advise on the planning of AME Old-Timers’ events as necessary.

Staff lead: Roxanne Finnie

Nominating Committee

The Nominating Committee identifies and recommends Directors for election or appointment to the AME Board of Directors.

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Staff lead: Roxanne Finnie | 778.836.9850


Policy and Government Relations Committee

The AME Policy and Government Relations assists AME and the Board in providing timely and effective advocacy on behalf of its members to various levels of government. This committee provides strategic advice and helps to inform and prioritize AME’s policy positions.

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Staff lead:  Kendra Johnston | 778.772.4410

Roundup Organizing Committee

The purpose of the AME Roundup Organizing Committee is to plan and execute all technical components of the conference program and to procure and liaise with speakers and programming for the annual Association for Mineral Exploration (AME) Roundup Conference, including The Gathering Place.

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Staff lead: Roxanne Finnie | 778.836.9850

Indigenous Relations and Reconciliation Working Group

The Indigenous Relations and Reconciliation Working Group assists AME members in understanding and addressing First Nations’ and Indigenous peoples’ priorities, challenges and issues, particularly in BC, as well as to assist First Nations and Indigenous peoples in understanding the mineral exploration and mining sector.

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This committee encourages positive relationships with First Nations and Indigenous peoples and assists AME to develop initiatives and programs that will further the interests of its members and of Indigenous peoples.

Staff lead: Kendra Johnston | 778.772.4410

Land Access & Use Working Group

The Land Access and Use Working Group facilitates AME’s Board of Directors in advocating for continued and certain access to land sufficient to maintain a successful and sustainable coal and mineral exploration and development industry in BC.

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The Committee’s work includes tracking and reviewing land use, access and planning initiatives and challenges and preparing position papers for the Board as required.

Staff lead:  Kendra Johnston | 778.772.4410

Social and Environmental Sustainability Working Group

The AME Social and Environmental Sustainability (SES) Working Group is a group of industry, government and consulting representatives and practitioners engaged in mineral exploration, development and mining in Canada and internationally. The committee supports AME with guidance, advice, recommendations, and technical review of policies and industry-leading practices to support AME members in matters related to social and environmental aspects of the mineral exploration and development sector. The committee engages with AME members through educational events, networking, outreach, and leading practice documents.

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AME collaborates with institutions such as the Canadian Institute of Mining & Metallurgy (CIM), Mining Association of Canada (MAC), Prospectors & Developers Association of Canada (PDAC), and other partners on socially responsible industry initiatives. Sharing best practices and adopting high standards of environmental and social responsibility supports our industry in developing mineral properties successfully, and creating enduring economic development to support the wellbeing of local communities. Watch for periodic SES Committee updates throughout the year.

AME  Social and Environmental Sustainability Committee Learning Sessions
Produced by Sustainability TV 

Staff lead:  Kendra Johnston | 778.772.4410

Taxation, Securities & Investment Working Group

The Taxation, Securities and Investment (TSI) Working Group is tasked with providing expertise in the areas of tax, securities law and capital investment as it relates to the mineral exploration and mining industry, with an objective to grow AME’s collective knowledge in those areas and advise on appropriate public advocacy.

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The TSI Committee provides support, advice and planning as required by the Board. This Committee was approved as a standing Committee on June 23, 2015.

Staff lead:  Kendra Johnston | 778.772.4410