Our vision is to protect and promote the interests of mineral explorers and developers operating and based in BC through leadership, advocacy, and partnerships.

We proudly carry the voice of the mineral exploration and development industry, representing hundreds of member companies and thousands of individual members.

Knowledge, Tools and Advocacy

AME influences decisions and policies that support your ability to do business in BC. Your membership makes our voice stronger when we’re communicating with government, communities, First Nations and industry suppliers on the issues that are important to you.

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As a member, you’ll have access to the tools, expert advice and support you need – from permitting, to regulations, to working with First Nations.

  • Lobbying – connecting directly with the provincial and federal governments on behalf of the mineral exploration and development industry
  • Permitting – developing more efficient and effective permitting to facilitate successful exploration in BC
  • Land Access and Use – ensuring optimum access to explore BC’s vast mineral potential
  • Aboriginal Engagement – providing tools and opportunities to properly engage BC’s First Nations and indigenous people worldwide
  • Economic Incentives – encouraging investment for exploration projects within a competitive world
  • Geoscience – Encouraging consistent investment in public geoscience and explaining the significant return of such investment to our industry as well as members of the general public
  • Infrastructure – promoting development and stimulating mineral exploration and mining activity in remote areas
  • Human Resources – ensuring that our sector can continue to attract a qualified, motivated workforce
  • Health and Safety – providing leadership in health and safety and promoting “a safe day, everyday”

Networking and Professional Development

As a member of AME, you’ll meet other long-time members – at member events, mixers and more – who understand the industry, know the business cycles and know how to navigate the challenges and issues companies in our industry face.

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Our membership includes geoscientists, prospectors, engineers, entrepreneurs, exploration companies, suppliers, mineral producers, and related associations who are engaged in mineral exploration in BC and throughout the world.

AME Events Include:

  • AME Roundup– the world’s premier annual technical mineral exploration conference
  • Free registration to webinars
  • Golf Tournament
  • Annual Holiday Member Open House

Member Benefits

Your membership gives AME a stronger voice in helping to shape and influence exploration policy in BC. As a member you’ll join with other long-time members who understand the industry, know the business cycles and know how to navigate the challenges companies in our industry face.

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Member Services

  • Access to AME staff regarding government mineral exploration policy and government relations
  • Access to AME advice on aboriginal relations
  • Access to AME information and advice on health and safety best practices
  • Complimentary use of AME’s Library, including access to daily newspapers and industry publications
  • Complimentary use of AME’s boardrooms for business meetings
  • Opportunity to submit nominations for AME Awards
  • Opportunity to join a committee (Committee members must be individual members)


  • Complimentary entry to AME’s popular Annual Open House
  • Discounted rate on professional development events, speakers’ series and workshops organized by AME (Corporate and Individual Memberships)
  • Discounted AME Mineral Exploration Roundup conference registration rate (Individual Members Only)

AME Publications

  • AME monthly e-newsletter: Complimentary subscription

Corporate Membership-Only Benefits

  • Includes all individual membership benefits, unless otherwise specified
  • Complimentary listing in Online Membership Directory
  • Complimentary listing of relevant mineral exploration industry events on AME online events calendar, and in the AME e-newsletter


AME’s role in improving the working environment in BC has been important to Fjordland’s recent negotiations with major international mining companies.

Tom Schroeter, President and CEO (retired), Fjordland Exploration Inc

AME has worked tirelessly to ensure that the exploration industry in BC has a voice on issues such as land access, sustainable development and security of tenure. Their efforts to build better working relationships with First Nations groups have benefitted us all. We support these efforts through our long standing corporate membership.

Don Lindsay, President and CEO, Teck Resources Limited

AME has been critical to our business by working to protect the land base for mineral exploration, helping us with aboriginal relations, and simplifying the regulatory burdens we face every day.

David Moore, President and CEO, Serengeti Resources Inc.

AME was instrumental in the Highway 37 Power Coalition’s successful lobbying efforts to electrify the North. Their advocacy and communication of the BC advantage have greatly helped with investor confidence.

Mark Jarvis, President, Hard Creek Nickel