Kendra Johnston, Chair
David Gale, Vice-Chair

Ron Bilquist
Marc Blythe
Thomas Branson
John Chapman
Michael Choi
Albert Chong
Glen Dickson
Ross Gordon
Michael Gray
Craig Hart
Chris Haubrich
Adrian Hickin
Steve Irwin
Dave Langill
Jonathan Longe
Dale Mah
Danielle Mountjoy
Jessica Norris
Carolyn Relf
Tony Scott
John-Mark Staude
Lindsay Steele
Jill Tsolinas
Matt Turner

Simone Hill, Staff Lead
Gavin C. Dirom, Staff Support
Roxanne Finnie, Staff Support
Helena Tse, Staff Support

Subcommittee Members

Nick Carter
Gerry Delane
Darryl Drummond
Terry Macauley
Don Rotherham

Simone Hill, Staff Lead

Want to join this committee? Email [email protected] for more information.

The purpose of the AME Roundup Organizing Committee is to plan and execute all technical components of the conference program and to procure and liaise with speakers and programming for the annual Association for Mineral Exploration (AME) Roundup Conference, including The Gathering Place.

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Staff lead: Roxanne Finnie |  604.630.3927