An interesting read and analysis. The mineral industry is facing varying governmental orders from Canadian provinces and territories, with regards to their operations and activities. PearTree have compiled a jurisdictional breakdown of the work guidance under the orders provided to-date for the mineral industry. Where relevant, they have included listed impacted mining companies.

Note that in most cases guidance provided for mining operations was fairly clear across the board, however, guidance for development and exploration operations has been less clear.

* This list will be updated regularly as events unfold and time permitting. We encourage you to check in with PearTree for updates

British Columbia

In British Columbia, Mining operations and exploration have been declared essential services under the provincial emergency declaration. Mining and smelter operations are subject to the following health and safety guidance provided by B.C.’s Chief Inspector of Mines. The guidance provides a list of mandatory health and safety protocols for continued operation.

Mineral industry companies impacted in British Columbia:

  • Westhaven has temporarily ceased drilling on the Shovelnose Property and operations at the Merritt core facility. Westhaven remains well-financed and able to resume drilling when appropriate. (4/3/20)
  • Seabridge Gold has indicated exploration plans at Iskut Project and the Nevada-based Snowstorm Project are being reviewed given the circumstances with a final decision expected in May. (3/25/20)
  • Teck Resources has reduced operations by 50% for two weeks at several operations in B.C. and Alberta. (3/24/20)
  • Centerra is reducing their Mount Milligan Mine workforce in British Columbia. Mill throughput is to be temporarily reduced to 50,000 tonnes per day for a two week period commencing April 6, 2020. During the two-week period, mill feed will be sourced from surface ore stockpiles and be processed using only the primary crusher. The site will also continue preparation to capture and store the maximum volume of water from the upcoming spring melt. (4/2/20)
  • Pretium has taken steps to protect on-site personal at the Brucejack Mine. Only personnel necessary to support gold production will continue to work at the mine. Work rotations have increased to three weeks on – three weeks off, from two weeks on/off, to reduce the frequency of crew changes. Gold production is to be prioritized over development. (4/2/20)

See the province by province data here: