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Chris is a partner with A+R.

A solicitor with considerable experience, Chris represents modern treaty nations in BC and Yukon focusing on the negotiation of complex commercial agreements, regulatory affairs, consultation, and treaty implementation services.
Chris has broad experience representing modern treaty nations throughout various regulatory review and approvals processes, including multifaceted environmental assessments, ensuring clients’ treaty rights and interests are recognized and adhered to. As well, Chris has extensive experience in negotiations, having successfully concluded benefits agreements in the areas of mining, pipelines and hydroelectric facilities, as well as various funding and joint venture arrangements.
With respect to treaty implementation, Chris assists treaty governments with the development, drafting and implementation of legislation and government policies.
An experienced advocate, Chris looks at traditional legal problems from a creative and collaborative perspective and seeks strategic and practical results for his clients.
Prior to joining A+R in 2011, Chris worked as a senior solicitor for BC Hydro on a variety of indigenous, regulatory and commercial matters.