Minerals are a hidden resource and access to land is one of the means to discover and bring value to those provincial resources. AME works with governments, communities, and stakeholders to maintain access to land for mineral exploration. Access by air, roads, and trails should meet the needs of our members while protecting the environment as well as the safety of explorers and the public.

Important scientific knowledge gained through responsible mineral exploration provides the public with a better understanding of the value of minerals in a region and potential economic diversification and investment opportunities.  Mineral exploration also provides government and the general public with important knowledge of the environment in which they live and play. AME is committed to meeting balanced social, environmental, and economic expectations through sound practices and stewardship.

Our association believes that the hidden value of minerals should be properly evaluated and considered as part of any discussion about land access and use.  A mineral deposit is a very rare and valuable resource.  While mineralized showings are common, the reality of an exploration project becoming an operating mine is very low. However, the potential benefits of an operating mine to a region can be very high indeed and need to be considered as part of any evaluation of a land base.