Since its launch in 2019, AME’s Mentorship Program matches graduate students and/or young professionals with experienced career professionals of our industry.

What is the AME Mentorship Program?

We know that starting a new career can be daunting and often new graduates leave university filled with theoretical knowledge with limited practical work experience. That’s why we launched the AME Mentorship Program – a voluntary program of one-year coaching/mentoring relationship with the goal of fostering the professional growth and development of the mentee. A mentor can provide their mentee with the knowledge, experience and guidance that they need to succeed in their career. Likewise, being a mentor can be a truly rewarding experience, gaining fresh insights into the industry, expanding professional networks with the added enjoyment of giving back to the community.  

The Mentor/Mentee Relationship

Pairings between Mentees and Mentors will be made in good faith by the AME Mentorship Committee based on Mentee and Mentor applications. Considerations in the matching process will include development goals, specific topical interests, location, experiences, and matching preferences indicated by the participants. Mentors and Mentees will be notified of their matches* by November 4, 2021.

Mentee Eligibility and more

Mentee Eligibility

Mentee Eligibility: AME member

You could be a Mentee if you:

  • Are newly graduated
  • Are in the first 5 years of your career in the exploration industry
  • Recognize that mentoring is a valuable tool for professional development and growth
  • Are receptive to feedback and guidance from your Mentor
  • Can be a proactive and enthusiastic participant in meetings with your Mentor
  • Can commit to a minimum of one hour a month for one-on-one meetings with your Mentor

Time Commitment

The time commitment for this program is roughly two hours per month in addition to the mandatory events.

Mentors and Mentees are expected to meet at least once a month, but can meet more frequently if agreed between Mentor and Mentee. The length of the monthly meeting will be at their discretion.


AME’s main form of communication will be by email. Other forms of communication, such as Slack or Discord, may also be used. All participants will be notified of new items as they are added. Please be sure to keep your email up to date with the program administrators.

*While all efforts are made to create matches that will be fulfilling for all participants, a mentorship match may turn out to not be a good fit. In that case, participants are asked to report the match to the Program Administrator so that consideration can be given to create a more suitable match. 

Program Events

Mentees are expected to attend all program events and should block that time in their calendars.

Kickoff Meeting – 17 November 2021.

The meeting will include a program overview, networking, and first mentoring match meet and greet. Program goals, participant roles, mentoring best practices, the Commitment Contract, program processes, and meeting/time expectations will be discussed.

More Events

Brand Yourself Workshop – 8 December 2021

This bonus workshop is designed for Mentees to review their personal brands and resumes, help prepare them for job searches and interviews.

Roundup Student Short Course – 30 January 2022

In this course, students will get the opportunity to learn more about the dynamic roles they may play throughout their careers in the exploration industry.

Roundup – 31 January – 3 February 2022

AME’s annual Roundup is a good opportunity for Mentees to network and meet people in the industry as well as attend one or two events with their Mentor.  Please note that Roundup registration is NOT  included as part of the Mentorship program.

AME Safety Course – Date TBC

This course is an Introduction to Exploration Safety and is included in the Mentorship program for Mentees at no cost. You will learn about traversing safety, camp safety, field gear, hypothermia and cold-water survival, transportation safety and bear safety from experienced presenters.

LinkedIn Presentation and Networking Event – April and May 2022

This event will include a Presentation “How to optimize and use LinkedIn to Network” followed by a Mentors panel discussion focussing on their networking experience. It will give Mentees the opportunity to meet other Mentors involved in the Mentorship Program and expand their network in the industry.

Wrap-up Event – 19 October 2022

The program will wrap-up with a final formal event to close the program and introduce the program to potential new participants. We suggest Mentors and Mentees do their final meeting in October to review the year.

Resources for Mentors and Mentees

Coming soon..

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Resources coming soon..


Participating in this program has shown me the importance of having mentors for career development and has taught me the value of making connections.

A previous mentee

This is a great program and I am really glad I applied for it.  I would recommend this program to future grads.  It helped with real life application of skills and knowledge

A previous mentee

This is a great program and initiative by AME. Sometimes being a mentor is simply making the introduction to potential future employers and giving advice on first jobs.

A previous mentor

Thank you for giving this opportunity. It feels good for me to give back to the community.”.

A previous mentor

Program Evaluation

In April and May 2022, Program Administrators will reach out to participants for feedback and to ensure that the program is running smoothly. We encourage all participants to contact the Program Administrator at anytime to share their experience and feedback.

At the beginning of September 2022 a survey will be sent out to all Mentees and Mentors for them to evaluate the program. We will be gathering information on how well the AME Mentorship Program met their expectations and goals as well as the overall experience of the program. This will help shape the program for the next round of participants.  The deadline for submission of this survey is 30 September 2022.

Participating in the program evaluation by making yourself available for to speak to a Program Administrator in April/May and by completing the survey in September is mandatory.

AME is Here to Support

AME is committed to providing a positive experience for all participants of the AME Mentorship Program.

We are here to  assist with:

• Monitoring, supervising, and supporting the match

• Reporting

• Concerns/Issues

All participants in the AME Mentorship Program are AME members and are matched by AME in good faith based on the criteria provided by both Mentors and Mentees. AME is not involved in the actual day-to-day mechanics of the mentorship relationship and each Mentor/Mentee pairing is free to work together to establish the goals of their mentorship experience, without interference by AME.