Vancouver, BC — November 28, 2019 —The Association for Mineral Exploration (AME) is pleased to announce the six members who were appointed to the Board of Directors earlier this week and will begin their one-year term in January 2020. Appointed directors are chosen based on a range of diversity factors as well as a skills and needs audit for board members and an industry risk assessment.

The 2020 appointed board members provide guidance on a variety of topics from policy, to public outreach, to financial matters. They are widely respected and have a variety of experience as leaders in the mineral and mining industry. It is a pleasure to welcome the 2020 appointed directors to the Board. They are:

  • Andree St. Germain, CFO at Integra Resources,
  • Jody Shimkus CEO at Kirk Environmental,
  • Kevin O’Callaghan, Partner at Fasken,
  • Martin Turenne, President and CEO at FPX Nickel Corp.,
  • Thomas Mumford, Vice President Exploration at Scottie Resources Corp., and
  • Wendell Zerb an independent mining investment advisor.

In addition to these appointed board members, we are also pleased to have 15 nominated candidates to fill six elected board positions. These positions will be filled by way of an online vote open to AME members in early January and will be announced at AME’s annual Mineral Exploration Roundup conference. The six appointed members as well as the 15 nominated candidates for the elected board positions will be introduced at AME’s Open House event this evening. We look forward to the opportunity to network with our current, future and potential board members along with staff and fellow AME members at the Open House.

Commenting on the new board, Kendra Johnston, President and CEO for AME, said:

“It is my pleasure to welcome the newly appointed AME Board of Directors who are a skilled and diverse group of industry leaders. The Board will work together to continue to grow and move the mineral exploration industry toward a modern, responsible and successful future. I am proud to continue the work that AME has been doing to make BC the best jurisdiction to explore in and I look forward to announcing the full Board in January 2020.”

The new Board of Directors will be introduced at the upcoming AME Roundup 2020 from January 20 to 23, 2020 one of the world’s premier technical mineral exploration conferences.

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