The Mine Audits and Effectiveness Unit (the Audit Unit) is an independent team in the Ministry of Energy, Mines and Petroleum Resources (the Ministry). The Audit Unit conducts audits to ensure mining regulation in B.C. is effective and aligned with global best practice.

The Audit Unit is currently conducting an audit to assess whether Ministry requirements and actions are protecting workers in mobile equipment cabs at mines from undue risk to their health and safety. The Audit Unit is interested in understanding industry perspectives on this topic and will be distributing a voluntary, anonymous survey to AME members in April/May 2020. For more information about the audit, please click here.

The Audit Unit is also in the process of picking its next audit topics. AME is compiling ideas from our members and will be able to submit two priority topics for the Audit Unit’s consideration by May 8, 2020. AME welcomes your ideas, and we also encourage you to submit topics directly to the Audit Unit. For more information and the submission form, please click here.