Timelines for review and approval of the Notice of Work (NoW) applications are a concern for both industry and government. As part of a larger review of the NoW application process, the Province is completing an in-depth review and redesign of the process of receiving and accepting applications.

This process, known as the Notice of Work Intake Continuous Improvement Project, has the following objectives:

  • Clarify roles and responsibilities for Ministry of Energy, Mines and Low Carbon Innovation and Forest Lands Natural Resources Operations and Rural Development staff,
  • Standardize the internal government process throughout the province
  • Remove duplication and reduce the number of people involved in the review
  • Improve communication with the applicants on application deficiencies
  • Make recommendations to reduce the high percentage of applications that are being returned to applicants for correction
  • Develop and implement a governance model to oversee implementation and ongoing monitoring

The work of the Project Team is expected to be significantly completed by the end of March with the implementation of the recommendations over the next several months. Further updates will be provided on what is changing, including any changes required by applicants, as they become available.

The Project Team thanks AME and its volunteers for their generous support through participation on the project steering committee and design team.