Outreach Education Fund

The AME BC Outreach Education Fund is a corporate endowment dedicated to increasing the public’s appreciation and understanding of BC’s mineral exploration industry through the advancement of public education and community programs. An annual $20,000 fund will be available for distribution in the form of scholarships (excluding personal scholarships for post-secondary, geology-related education), and monetary funding with a minimum of $1,500 per award for proposed public education and training programs focused on mineral exploration. The amount of funding for each application will be based not only on the merits of the proposed project and funding requests, but also on the number of quality applications in a given year.

Eligibility: This award is open to all BC-focused projects relating to mineral exploration. Priority will be given to British Columbia residents, communities, associations and organizations. Applicants who have been successful in previous years are welcome to submit new applications. Multiple applications for funding in a given year from one source, if they are of excellent quality and stand-alone projects, will be considered.

*Please note AME BC Staff, Board, and Committee Members are not eligible to apply.
*Vancouver Foundation has the right to deny funding, and all applications will be reviewed in order to meet its criteria.

Application Deadline: September 30, 2015 

Click here to download the Outreach Education Fund application form