AME Frank Woodside Gold Pan Award

For Distinguished Service to AME

Awarded for distinguished volunteer service to the Association for Mineral Exploration British Columbia resulting in a profound impact on the success or direction of the Association.

The Award is open to any AME member in good standing who has been nominated by an AME member or a member of an associated exploration and/or mining organization.

When being considered for the AME Frank Woodside Gold Pan Award, nominees will be assessed on the following:

  • Their distinguished volunteer service to the Association.
  • The impact of their service on the success or direction of the Association
  • Alignment with AME’s Purpose, Mission, Guiding Principles and Core Values

Nomination deadline: Friday, September 29.

2022 Recipient: Lana Eagle

Lana Eagle is recognized with the AME Frank Woodside Gold Pan Award for her distinguished service to AMEA natural relationship builder with the ability to strategically connect Indigenous groups with industry, her legacy includes The Gathering Place at AME Roundup, which celebrated its 10th year in January 2022, along with more than a decade of guidance and direction in how the industry approaches Indigenous relations and reconciliation.

Past Recipients

  • Michael Gray
  • Brian Abraham
  • Jim Allen
  • Jerry Asp
  • David Barr
  • Arne Birkeland
  • Robert Boyd
  • Don Bragg
  • John Brock
  • Lena Brommeland
  • Bob Brown
  • Bruce Brown
  • Barbara Caelles
  • Alex Christopher
  • Don Coates
  • Fraser Crocker
  • George Cross
  • Bogart Cross
  • Vivian Danielson
  • Chuck Davis
  • J. Greg Dawson
  • Gerry Delane
  • Glen Dickson
  • Gavin E. Dirom
  • Jeffrey P. Franzen
  • Gary Giroux
  • Chris Graf
  • Diane Gregory
  • Greg Hawkins
  • Rick Higgs
  • Vic Hollister
  • Sheila Holmes
  • Steve Irwin
  • Ed Kimura
  • Jurgen Lau
  • Maureen Lipkewich
  • Grant Luck
  • Terry Macauley
  • Bill Meyer
  • Marilyn Mullan
  • John Murray
  • John Newell
  • Gary Nordin
  • Christine Ogryzlo
  • Dan Pegg
  • Barry Price
  • Tom Shroeter
  • Alistair Sinclair
  • Hans Smit
  • Art Soregaroli
  • Colin Spence
  • Bob Spencer
  • Wayne Spilsbury
  • Sheila Stenzel
  • Cam Stephen
  • Ron Stokes
  • John Thompson
  • Linda Thorstad
  • Dean Toye
  • Randy Turner
  • Geoff Whiton
  • Sandford Woodside
  • Victoria Yehl
  • Randall Yip
  • Maurice (Moe) J Young
  • Anne J.B Thompson
  • Jim Oliver