AME BC’s Mineral Exploration Roundup 2016 is coming up soon: January 25 to 28, at Canada Place in Vancouver, B.C.

Once again, we will bring you an impressive lineup of speakers, representing the best of our industry, who will share their stories and ideas to inspire you. Roundup also features the Core Shack, Prospectors’ Tent, Poster Session and Rock Rooms, all of which display the geology of various projects, from grassroots to advanced, as well as areas that might contain the next discovery.

Roundup is full of opportunities to network and connect with mineral exploration industry leaders and peers to learn about best practices and innovations in our industry. This could prove invaluable to your next project or your career.

Registration for Roundup is now open. This year we’re offering all access passes for either the full conference or single-day attendance. Register early to take advantage of the most savings – up to 40 per cent off!We look forward to seeing you in January!

Roundup 2016 Organizing Committee Chair

Welcome to Mineral Exploration Roundup 2016! This year’s conference will bring together geoscientists, prospectors, investors, suppliers and First Nation partners to share ideas that will help shape the future of mineral exploration and development. As the mineral exploration and development industry continues to work through the current downturn, we reflect on the importance of networking, professional development and relationship building with our partners, stakeholders and competitors. Mineral deposits are becoming harder to find; we must now travel to more remote locations, search deeper beneath cover and sometimes settle for lower grades. These aspects, coupled with the challenging market conditions, remind us that we must be more creative and collaborative as we explore to discover and develop new mineral deposits.

Mineral Exploration Roundup 2016, “Innovation in Exploration,” will focus on sharing new ideas, generating new connections and creating collaborative solutions. Our prominent Technical Sessions will highlight projects that have overcome challenges to succeed by using a combination of tried-and-tested techniques and new, innovative solutions. The best-practice Show Case Sessions will explore new ideas in areas of the industry that must be mastered to successfully navigate challenges and opportunities. Lastly, our public outreach presentation, Discovery Day, has been expanded to feature more interactive displays, industry-focused public-interest talks and activities for your whole family.

Join us at Roundup 2016 from January 25 to 28, at Canada Place in Vancouver! Learn, share ideas and connect with others from every aspect of the industry, from prospecting to reclamation and everything in between.

General Information

Roundup 2016 will be held under the Canada Place sails at Vancouver Convention Centre East, 999 Canada Place, Vancouver, B.C.

Visit to register, and for conference, visitor and hotel information.

For registration questions, contact Conexsys Event Registration by phone at 1.855.RUSAILS (1.855.787.2457) or by email at [email protected].

Thank you to all of the Roundup 2016 sponsors! The Association for Mineral Exploration British Columbia sincerely thanks the sponsors of Mineral Exploration Roundup 2016 (as confirmed at the time of printing) for their support.

Technical Sessions

Official Opening Ceremonies and 2015 Regional Reviews

Monday, January 25 | Morning

The 2016 official opening ceremonies will be followed by overviews of exploration and development in British Columbia, Yukon, Alaska and Nevada. In keeping with this year’s “Innovation in Exploration” theme, presentations will focus on some of the key innovative approaches these jurisdictions have seen over the last year, including new applied exploration tools, innovative business partnerships and advanced green technologies.

Innovation in Exploration

Monday, January 25 | Afternoon

Innovations in exploration are fresh ideas that can provide geologists with new and improved strategies, tools and techniques in their pursuit of new ore deposits. These innovations are widespread and varied, and include exploration vectoring based on zoned alteration assemblages; improved and deeper-looking geophysical techniques and inversions; rapid and cost-effective multi-element geochemical techniques; and cheaper, deeper and directional drilling. This session will focus on recent exploration innovations by providing several notable examples from the fields of drilling, geophysics and lithogeochemical modelling. Additionally, case studies will provide examples of the application of innovations in exploration and their translations to exploration success.

Public Geoscience

Tuesday, January 26 | Morning

Public geoscience provides fundamental knowledge of the geology framework necessary to identify areas with high mineral potential to support successful targeting of mineral-related investments. Accessing public geoscience data reduces investment risk and encourages intelligent exploration. In the Canadian Cordillera, publicly funded studies are conducted by geoscientists from the British Columbia Geological Survey, the Geological Survey of Canada, Geoscience BC and the Yukon Geological Survey. In this session, talks will highlight results from recent and ongoing projects that are of interest to the mineral exploration sector and provide information on how to access new data and information.


Tuesday, January 26 | Afternoon

Presenters from various disciplines will convey their views on the current state of commodity supply and demand, and the future outlook. Topics discussed by industry economists, analysts and executives will include the world economy, China, the United States, precious metals, base metals, bulk commodities and alternative energy.

British Columbia, Yukon and Alaska Highlights

Wednesday, January 27 | Morning

Exploration and development of the Cordillera of British Columbia, Yukon and Alaska has a rich history with a wide range of deposit types. Recent exploration activity has focused on gold (epithermal, shear zone, Carlin and intrusion-related) and porphyry (copper-gold and copper-molybdenum) deposits, as well as base- and precious-metal rich volcanogenic massive sulfide, sedimentary exhalative and coal deposits. Presentations in this session will highlight exploration progress and key advancements made over the past year.

Canada Highlights: When the Going Gets Tough – Creativity, Perseverance and Stamina Driving Success

Wednesday, January 27 | Afternoon

Exploration success is difficult at the best of times; advancing exploration and mining projects in the bottom of the market cycle is infinitely more challenging. In this session, presentations will reflect the success stories in our country over the past year, including creativity in financing and corporate structure, determination and perseverance to reach production, and stamina to extend the productive lives of existing mines.

International Highlights

Thursday, January 28 | Morning

Pressure from the commodity price cycle is pushing focus toward explorers who can potentially deliver high-margin assets. This session will highlight eight stories from around the world that have captured interest this year by showing that new high-grade deposits are still out there to be found.

Government and Industry

Thursday, January 28 | Afternoon

The seventh annual B.C. Government and Industry Session will be featured as the closing session for Roundup 2016. This session will bring together leaders from the mineral exploration and development sector and key government agencies and their leaders. Discussion will be focused on priority areas as identified in AME BC’s Strategic Plan and Objectives 2013-2017.

Show Case Sessions

Human Resources

Monday, January 25 | Morning

With mineral exploration and mining operations continuing to face a challenging landscape, creative and innovative approaches to attracting, retaining and managing people are paramount. Without the right people in the right roles at the right time, business suffers – from both productivity and cost perspectives. What is the industry doing to address these challenges? What can we learn from other industries? How can small and large businesses plan effectively in an unpredictable market? And how can we work together to provide solutions? Attend the Human Resources Show Case Session to hear from leading industry professionals, pose questions to a panel of experts and network with colleagues over coffee.

AME BC’s The Gathering Place: Where Aboriginal and Industry Leaders Meet

Tuesday, January 26 – Wednesday, January 27

The Gathering Place at Roundup 2016 will once again offer participants a safe place to learn and engage in dialogue surrounding new approaches to respectful, Aboriginal engagement practices that lead to positive outcomes for all. Come hear success stories, including lessons learned from Aboriginal and company leaders, that all can learn from. The leaders will share their perspectives and experiences that enable industry, Aboriginal communities and individuals to learn how careful and effective relationship building leads to great mineral development opportunities. You will also gain insight into what the Aboriginal issues are. Each day will include a panel of leaders sharing their experiences, a one-on-one chat with an Aboriginal leader and an industry leader, a focused shared success story and a specific learning opportunity. This fourth, great year of The Gathering Place at Roundup will build on the successes of past achievements and show that “Innovation in Exploration” applies to engagement and relationship building.

Corporate Social Responsibility

Thursday, January 28 | Morning

Corporate social responsibility (CSR) is being increasingly recognized as a key component to business planning and successful operations during exploration and mining. But how do you measure your CSR performance, and how do you set goals? Within your operations and on the ground, what does CSR look like on a day-to-day basis? In a global setting, what are mineral exploration and development companies doing locally and internationally to integrate CSR values? This interactive session will explore tools to measure performance and provide examples of CSR success. Bring your questions, as the panel will examine innovations in CSR. Join thought leaders in CSR innovation and learn about corporate social opportunities for success.

Land Access and Use

Thursday, January 28 | Afternoon

This session seeks to provide clarity to explorers, junior miners and investors looking to navigate the rapidly changing land-use conditions in B.C. Following up on last year’s release of AME BC’s Land Use Report, we will be providing an update on the impacts of conditional land-use designations to the mineral exploration industry as well as perspectives from government and First Nations.

Short Courses

Register early for Short Courses; these are often sold out well in advance of the conference.

Short Course 1: Geology of Granite-Greenstone Terranes and Their Mineral Deposits

Saturday, January 23 – Sunday, January 24

Presented by: Society of Economic Geologists

The course will provide an overview of geological principles and tools needed to work effectively with granite-greenstone terranes, with examples from Precambrian shields and younger accretionary orogens. The recognition, in outcrop and drill core, of volcanic, sedimentary and plutonic protoliths that have been altered, metamorphosed and deformed is a recurring practical problem; the application of basic field criteria along with supporting data will be used to establish a framework for mineral exploration.

Short Course 2 :Applied Structural Geology of Hydrothermal Gold Deposits

Saturday, January 23 – Sunday, January 24

Presented by: David Rhys and Julie Rowland (Panterra Geoservices Inc.)

This short course will review our current understanding of structural controls on the gold-silver ore-forming environment, from the roots of mountain belts to hot springs. Using case studies, we will illustrate the variety of structural features that may be used to constrain deposit-scale geological models. Participants will learn the principles of structural control on mineralization and examples of good practice in data acquisition and analysis. These principles and workflows are transferrable to other structurally controlled or modified mineral deposits.

Short Course 3: Continuous Improvement in Corporate Social Responsibility: Keeping Current and Advancing Your Skills

Saturday, January 23

Presented by: AME BC Corporate Social Responsibility Committee

This course will provide an update on current developments in corporate social responsibility (CSR) using a combination of presentation and group discussion questions. Using case studies and facilitated, interactive exercises, attendees will explore the practical and potentially challenging aspects of CSR and highlight practical scenarios for explorers in B.C. – with potential applicability for projects elsewhere in the world.

Short Course 4: Exploring Glaciated and Covered Terrains with Indicator Minerals

Saturday, January 23 – Sunday, January 24

Presented by: Mineral Deposit Research Unit, UBC

This course will provide participants with several presentations and exercises, including glacial materials and distributions, the nature of potential indicator minerals, porphyry indicator minerals, methods, sampling and survey strategies, and case studies. Presenters will include university, industry and government geologists.

Short Course 5: Industry Orientation for Students

Sunday, January 24

Presented by: Andy Randell (SGDS Hive)

This highly interactive session is designed to prepare students for successful entry into the exploration and development industry. The course will include presentations from industry specialists, small group exercises and an urban geohunt.

General Networking Events

Icebreaker Reception

Sunday, January 24

Student-Industry Networking Event

Sunday, January 24

B.C. Night

Monday, January 25

Exhibit Hall Happy Hour

Monday, January 25 – Wednesday, January 27 (4 to 5 p.m. daily)

Sporting Events

Hockey Challenge

Monday, January 25 (1 to 4 p.m.)

Curling Bonspiel

Wednesday, January 27 (6:30 to 11 p.m.)

Core Shack

A cornerstone of Roundup, the Core Shack displays new discoveries, leading prospects, advanced projects and operating mines from around the world. Core Shack 2016 will feature core from projects in diverse countries and settings, and represent a broad array of deposit types and project stages. Commodities featured in 2015 included copper, gold, silver, lead, zinc, nickel, graphite, rare earths and platinum group elements.

Every two days, a new suite of the sector’s most compelling projects will be displayed, with maps, cross-sections and the project’s technical representative on hand to answer questions.

Prospectors’ Tent

Every mine begins with a discovery – a prospect. While the mineral exploration and development industry continues to evolve, the role of the prospector is no less important today than it was a century ago. The Prospectors’ Tent provides an opportunity for independent prospectors to present their hard-earned mineral properties and discoveries. Featuring displays of maps, rock samples, drill core, sketches, photographs and analyses, it is a great place to see properties with potential throughout B.C. and Yukon, and perhaps to make some discoveries of your own.

Poster Session

The Poster Session will feature more than 90 posters displaying the latest results of geological mapping and economic geology studies from the BC Geological Survey, the Geological Survey of Canada and Geoscience BC, as well as numerous university student research projects.

This session is particularly designed for one-on-one discussions and information exchange with geoscientists familiar with the geology within your area, or areas, of interest. There will be posters presenting the results of geological mapping, geophysical and geochemical surveys, and research on a wide variety of deposit types from across the Cordillera, other parts of Canada and the world.

University students are encouraged to submit poster presentations for display. Prizes will be awarded: $600 for first prize, $400 for second prize and $200 for third prize.

Be sure to join us Tuesday, January 26, from 1 to 4 p.m. for the Poster Session reception. Authors will be available during this time for discussion.

More Student Presentation Opportunities

In addition to poster presentations in the Poster Session, Roundup will be highlighting student research being done on mineral deposit and exploration-related projects in B.C. and around the world. This session will be held Monday, January 25, from noon to 1 p.m. in the Poster Session.

Rock Rooms

B.C. Pavilion

Location: East Meeting Level, Room 19/20

Organized by: British Columbia Geological Survey

Survey geoscientists and representatives from government organizations will be available daily to discuss program highlights, geoscience information and new exploration opportunities, and to assist delegates with permitting and tenuring information.

Yukon Room

Location: East Meeting Level, Room 16

Organized by: Yukon Geological Survey

The Yukon Geological Survey will be showcasing recent research, including new bedrock and surficial maps, the findings of regional geochemical and metallogenic studies, and overviews of placer and hardrock exploration activity in the territory.

Nevada Explorer’s Room

Location: East Meeting Level, Room 18

Organized by: Nevada Mineral Exploration Coalition

The Nevada Mineral Exploration Coalition’s Nevada Explorer’s Room will display information on exploration companies, support companies, universities, federal and state geological surveys, and supporting coalitions and societies all working in and around mineral exploration in Nevada. The room is a place to meet active Nevada explorers as well as a place to spread out data and talk about opportunities and projects.

Ticketed Networking Events

Tickets are available for purchase when registering.

Chair’s Welcome Dinner

Sunday, January 24
Patrick Evans, President
and CEO, Mountain
Province Diamonds

CEO Breakfast

Monday, January 25

Randy Smallwood,
President and CEO,
Silver Wheaton

AME BC Finance Lunch

Monday, January 25

Hon. Bill Bennett,
B.C. Minister of Energy
and Mines

AME BC Lunch

Tuesday, January 26

Sean Kerklaan, CEO,
Fatigue Science

AME BC Environment, Health and Safety Awards Breakfast

Wednesday, January 27

Ross J. Beaty,
Chairman, Pan American
Silver Corp., and President,
Sitka Foundation

International Lunch

Wednesday, January 27

AME BC Celebration of Excellence Awards Gala

Wednesday, January 27

Discovery Day

Sunday, January 24, 10 a.m. to 2 p.m.

Discovery Day is a free event for anyone to attend and learn about the excitement, beauty and intrigue of mineral exploration in B.C. Featuring multiple interactive displays, presentations and entertainment, Discovery Day is a great educational event that is sure to delight the inner explorer of children and adults alike.

Have a favourite rock that you’ve been holding on to and are dying to know what it is? Bring it to Discovery Day and “Ask a Geologist”!

Have a bit of gold fever and want to try your hand at gold panning? Yukon Dan will be there to show you how!

Want to see a real woolly mammoth tusk, along with other ice-age fossils discovered through mineral exploration activities? Discovery Day will have that too!

Discovery Day is going to be ROCKin’!

Exhibit Hall

The Exhibit Hall is a staple of Mineral Exploration Roundup and presents an unparalleled opportunity to visit a wide cross-section of companies working in the mineral exploration and development sector. The Exhibit Hall is also home to the Roundup Core Shack, the Prospectors’ Tent and the Poster Session.

Dates: Monday, January 25, to Thursday, January 28
Time: 9:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m.