AME Remote Roundup 2021

What to expect at our first virtual conference and trade show in January

Remote Roundup 2021 is the virtual debut of the annual AME Roundup conference. Leading through the change caused by the global pandemic, we are going virtual to safely facilitate… Read More

Historic Stories | Second Rush

From Gold-Mine Town to Molybdenum Hot Spot, Atlin Stays True to its Roots

This article was originally published in the 2008 AME Winter Magazine The early prospectors in the Atlin gold-fields were opportunists who took the easy way to their dreams of for… Read More

Exploration on the Edge

Stay safe while searching for mineral deposits in British Columbia's steepest terrain

Geologist Andy Randell standing on the rim of Lost Valley at the edge of the Cambria Icefield, near Stewart, B.C. | Andy Randell British Columbia is beautiful. Spectacular mounta… Read More

Social Responsibility at AME

How the ISR committee helps members adopt industry best practices in social responsibility

Social responsibility is key to the success and reputation of resource projects. AME’s Integrated Social Responsibility (ISR) Committee supports members by providing resour… Read More

The Opportunity in Innovation

Dale Mah, chair of the Roundup 2020 Organizing Committee, highlights things to look forward to at this year's conference

Tell our readers a little bit about yourself and your career. I’m currently the VP Corporate Development for Endeavour Silver, a mid-tier silver and gold mining company. My main r… Read More

AME Roundup Preview

Your guide to AME's Roundup 2019 conference

David Gale SSR Mining Inc. Chair, Roundup 2019 Organizing Committee We invite you to join us at one of the world’s premier technical mineral exploration conferences. AME’s Miner… Read More

A Volunteer’s Gift

Frank Woodside Past Presidents and Chairs Award winner Christine Ogryzlo checks in with a few of her Woodside alumni to reflect on the personal rewards that come from being an AME volunteer

From prospecting to committees to education to government, the volunteers who build British Columbia’s mineral exploration industry represent every part of the community. Ea… Read More

Then & Now

A 50th anniversay salute to corporate members of AME's Directory and Buyers Guide

Golden years: Consolidated Cinola Mines Ltd.’s Specogna gold deposit on Haida Gwaii graces the]() cover of the 16th annual directory. The Association for Mineral Exploration (… Read More

Data Mining

Freely accessible earth science information boosts grassroots exploration

In November 2016, Parlane Resources announced the discovery of native copper on its Big Bear project located to the north of New Gold Inc.’s Blackwater deposit and east of New Gold… Read More

The New Market

The industry is in an upswing, but mineral explorers would be wise to remember the lessons they learned during the downturn

History doesn’t repeat itself, but it does rhyme” – or so said Mark Twain (perhaps). Those in the mining markets are all too familiar with this concept. Mining’s cyclicality is ver… Read More

Great Mineral Belts Of B.C.

The evolution of the rocks below our feet over millions of years has made British Columbia home to some of Earth’s most fertile geology and productive ore deposits

There is no question that British Columbia is home to the greatest concentration of mineral exploration professionals in the world. This is not an accident, but rather the result… Read More

A New Way of Doing Business

The provincial government's natural resource permitting project is streamlining the application process for explorers and miners

The Natural Resource Permitting Project (NRPP) is a modern, citizen centred approach to improving the way business is done in the natural resource sector in British Columbia. Th… Read More

Powering Progress

Despite the challenges in bringing it to fruition, the Northwest Transmission Line is a lifeline for mineral exploration and development in Northwest B.C.

Tower touchdown: 1,000 of these lattice towers were installed along the right-of-way for the Northwest Transmission Line. If you could chart 10 years’ worth of emotions stirred… Read More