(Below left) AME Board of Directors 2019: Wendell Zerb, Stephen de Jong, Rob McLeod, Justin Himmelright, Jill Pardoe, Don Bragg, Paul Jago, Steve Robertson, ‘Lyn Anglin, Colin Russell, Corinne McKay, Chris Ogryzlo, Andy Randell, Kevin O’Callaghan, Chad Norman Day,
Michael Buchanan, Bruce Scott, Lana Eagle, Kendra Johnston, Jody Shimkus, Jill Tsolinas (Absent: Tara Hassan, Leilah Tate).

AME proudly announced the 2018 Celebration of Excellence Award winners at the renowned AME Awards Gala on January 30 during the AME Roundup 2019 conference. Leaders were recognized for their significant efforts and contribution to the industry.

Commenting earlier on the award winners’ success, ‘Lyn Anglin, the chair of the AME 2018 board of directors, said: “Congratulations to the industry leaders who are receiving AME’s 2018 awards. I am honoured to commend each winner for their momentous contributions to our industry, paving the way for its future beneficiaries. The theme of AME’s 2019 Roundup conference is ‘Elements for Discovery’ and these individuals and teams, through their remarkable efforts in elements of exploration, development and outreach, have generated discoveries and advancements which will bring benefits to the many diverse communities throughout British Columbia and Canada. The Awards Gala at Roundup is a chance for us all to recognize and rejoice in their accomplishments.”

The 2018 Award Winners:

Alan McOnie, Seymour Iles and Jared Chipman of Alexco Resource Corp. are the recipients of the 2018 H.H. “Spud” Huestis Award for Excellence in Prospecting and Mineral Exploration. They have been responsible for the recent discovery and delineation of more than 60 million ounces of silver in the Flame & Moth and Bermingham deposits in the Keno Hill Silver District of central Yukon.

John McCluskey is the recipient of the 2018 Murray Pezim Award for Perseverance & Success in Financing Mineral Exploration. He is being honoured for his pivotal role in acquiring, financing and encouraging the successive discoveries of the Mulatos (Alamos Gold) and Kemess East (AuRico Metals) deposits. In addition, he was honoured for his ongoing success as CEO of Alamos Gold.

Eric Friedland, executive chairman of Peregrine Diamonds, Geoff Woad, former head of world diamond exploration for BHP Billiton, and Brooke Clements, former president of Peregrine Diamonds, are recipients of the 2018 Hugo Dummett Award for Excellence in Diamond Exploration and Development, in recognition of their roles in discovering the Chidliak Diamond Province on Baffin Island in Nunavut.

Dr. Tom Henricksen is the recipient of the 2018 Colin Spence Award for Excellence in Global Mineral Exploration, recognized for his outstanding contributions to mineral discovery, and being involved in some monumental discoveries and or/acquisitions across the world.

Matt Andrews and Monica Moretto are the 2018 recipients of the Robert R. Hedley Award for Excellence in Social and Environmental Responsibility. Their leadership has created an environment within Pan American Silver Corp. of respect for social and environmental principles on all the company’s projects.

Paycore Drilling is the recipient of the 2018 David Barr Award for Excellence in Leadership and Innovation in Mineral Exploration Health and Safety. Paycore Drilling is recognized for its professionalism and care following an incident in mineral exploration.

Dan Moore (“Yukon Dan”) and Peter Bradshaw, have been recognized with the 2018 Gold Pan Award for exceptional meritorious service to the mineral exploration community through the Association for Mineral Exploration British Columbia (AME).

J. Greg Dawson and Victoria Yehl were honoured with the 2018 Frank Woodside Award for distinguished service to the Association for Mineral Exploration British Columbia (AME) and/or the mineral exploration industry.

The two recipients of AME’s Outreach Education Fund are MineralsEd to support delivery of the Kids & Rocks Classroom 10:04 AM Workshop in 2019 and Britannia Mine Museum to support the 2019 continuation of its well-established Education Program.