Are you an Explorer out in the field or working in the industry supporting Explorers? We want you to share your story!

We at AME want to see a 30-second video clip of you telling us who you are, what you do and the most interesting thing about your career. In 30 seconds, paint a picture of what life is like working as an explorer or in support of explorers working in the industry. What does your ‘office’ look like? The more creative the backdrop, the better!


  • There is no exact structure, just make sure that you tell us your name, your profession, why you do it and the most unique or interesting thing about your career.
  • Always end the video saying to the camera “I am/We are a member of AME and I am/We are For Explorers.”
  • Keep videos neutral and avoid being promotional. Avoid any branding in the video. This is about you personally and your love for the industry.

To Enter

Record using either a phone as a video selfie or a video recording device of your choice and send a Dropbox or Google Drive file to [email protected]. Submit with your name, the subject and location of the video.


We want to see geological wonders, core, mountains, campsites and anything else that shows us what your ‘daily office’ looks like as an Explorer. To give you some inspiration, our President and CEO, Kendra Johnston kindly recorded this great video example below.

Winners will get

  • That good feeling of spreading the love for your work and minerals!
  • You’ll be featured in a video highlight reel once everyone is back from the bush.
  • A surprise small token of our appreciation.


Entries may be submitted up to Thursday, October 31, 2019 at 5:00pm Pacific Time.
See the small print.