AME Photo Contest 2021

For the past 19 years, AME has sought the best photographs of mineral explorers in action – in B.C. and around the world. Once again, we would like you to send your prized photos from t… Read More

AME Remote Roundup 2021

Leading Through Change

‘Leading Through Change’ was the theme for AME Roundup 2021, the association’s 38th Mineral Exploration Roundup and the first entirely virtual conference. Safety is the indust… Read More

Leading through Change

Indigenous Economies and Partners in Mineral Exploration

At the 9th Gathering Place at Remote Roundup 2021, Yolanda Liman, Graphic Illustrator, showcased her Graphic Recording creation of Drawing Change. As the panel discussions unf… Read More

Leading Through Change

David Elliott on the Changing Exploration Finance Landscape

When it comes to raising capital for mineral exploration, David Elliott, Vice President and Director, Haywood Securities, has seen it all. As a preeminent resource financier, E… Read More

Leading Through Change

Craig Hart on the changing role of mineral exploration geologists

As we near the end of this disrupted year, we asked University of British Columbia Associate Professor and past Director of Mineral Deposit Research Unit, Craig Hart, how the mine… Read More

Historic Stories | Second Rush

From Gold-Mine Town to Molybdenum Hot Spot, Atlin Stays True to its Roots

This article was originally published in the 2008 AME Winter Magazine The early prospectors in the Atlin gold-fields were opportunists who took the easy way to their dreams of for… Read More

Looking Back, Moving Forward

Evolution of AME’s Gathering Place

A diverse crowd of close to 300 people filled The Gathering Place at Roundup on 21 January 2020 to listen to Chad Norman Day, president of the Tahltan Central Government, and Jerry A… Read More

Disruption is Normal

The Impact of COVID-19 on the Exploration Business

This week signals the beginning of Phase Two in British Columbia: a careful restart of certain businesses, organizations, and institutions after two long months of restriction… Read More

The Thrill of the Hunt

Digging Deeper into Modern-day Prospecting

Modern-day prospectors Krisztina Pandur and Connor Malek captured the imaginations of the audience at the April 2019 AME MinEx Talks discussing the potential rewards and impor… Read More

AME Roundup Perspective

A Geologist in Geoscience Technology

Sarah Conolly is a Senior Project Geologist at Seequent, a Geoscience Technology company and this year will be her second time attending AME Roundup. Seequent will be exhibiting… Read More

Backing a Winner

AME Awards from the nominator’s perspective

Behind the bright lights and ceremony of AME’s annual Awards Gala: Celebration of Excellence, each January is the hard work of the Awards Committee, AME staff, and the members who… Read More

Campfire Tales Series

Assessing your Fitness as a Consultant | David Cooke

Nothing beats sitting around the campfire, sharing a laugh and a story with friends old and new. To harness this feeling – minus the smoke in your eyes! – we are launching a new… Read More

Help is on the Way

Update from the Notice of Work permitting workshop held at KEG

As part of AME’s ongoing efforts to streamline the process for obtaining a provincial Notice of Work (NoW) exploration permit, AME, together with the Ministry of Energy, Mines an… Read More

What to do About the Caribou?

Co-existing with caribou is essential for all resource operators in British Columbia. What are the challenges and opportunities for AME members?

As ubiquitously Canadian as the polar bear and the beaver, the caribou—the iconic face of the Canadian quarter—is under threat in British Columbia. More than half of BC’s caribou… Read More

Back to the Bush

What should I pack for my mental health?

Field work is a vital part of mineral exploration. For some, it is the best part of being an explorer, an opportunity to travel to new places with spectacular scenery, make new frien… Read More

The Importance of Mentorship

There has been tremendous growth in the coaching industry and a lot of discussion about the importance of mentoring in the mining and exploration industry.  So, what is the d… Read More

The Whose Who of the Sell-Side

After getting a few years of operational experience under my belt, I made the move to the finance side of the business. At the time, I knew I wanted to be involved in the process of help… Read More

In the Interest of Copper

Copper, the base metal we all know and love. Or maybe we don’t know it that well? Whatever your copper knowledge, this high-demand base metal should be on your list of interests for #… Read More

The Power of Networking

Networking is by far the most important reason to attend AME Mineral Exploration Roundup, said AME members surveyed on-site by the NRG Research Group at Roundup 2018. According t… Read More

Reasons to Attend Roundup

Register Now If you’re in the mineral exploration industry in BC, you may have heard of it already. AME Mineral Exploration Roundup is the place where, year after year, mineral exp… Read More

Q&A: 2018 Gold Pan winner Royanna Wild on Outreach

2018 Gold Pan winner Royanna Wild encourages AME members to find a good fit and volunteer where you can

In just over a decade, geologist, draftsperson and volunteer, Royanna Wild, has connected with thousands of people as an ambassador for our industry. Her outreach efforts and “e… Read More


Exploration in Action

July 1 – September 30, 2018 Our members work in some of the most spectacularly scenic places in the world and often have the photography skills to do the landscapes justice. We want t… Read More

AME Members Make Good Neighbours

How New Gold’s Fire and Mine Rescue team helped neighboring communities during the 2017 wildfires.

When disaster strikes, the most immediate help will come from those around you – your neighbours. Connecting and building relationships with them today will mean a better… Read More

Then & Now

A 50th Anniversary Salute to Corporate Members of AME's Directory and Buyer's Guide

Published in the Summer 2018 Edition of the Mineral Exploration Magazine. The Association for Mineral Exploration (AME) has grown over the years to almost 5,000 members. Of that… Read More

Public Outreach with AME

AME understands the value of positive public perception to our industry and we have heard our members in their call for more public action. Over the past few years, the Association… Read More

A Guide to a Good Roundup

Each January in Vancouver, AME’s Roundup conference welcomes thousands of people from around British Columbia, across Canada, and the world. For some, it’s a tradition, a chanc… Read More