Expectations versus reality. What is the value for you as an individual?

The Roundup conference is a must-attend conference for any individual of any age that wishes to grow their network, expand their knowledge on many elements of the industry such as technical, finance, indigenous and government matters as well as to learn about innovative approaches many companies are developing and implementing for the sector. I’d strongly encourage anyone to bring along young individuals to discover the world of minerals & exploration, there are endless opportunities, especially for millennials, to get involved.

Difficulties and successes of financing at Roundup

Vancouver, Canada is known as the mecca of the junior exploration, mineral discovery & mineral extraction capital of the world. If there is a mineral needed by our quickly developing civilization, be sure that Vancouverites will be a big part of the discovery & extraction of it. Vancouver has over 800 listed and active mineral exploration & mining companies while Toronto has about 300. Companies and investors alike that attend the Roundup conference know that there is an abundance of opportunities to raise capital, invest in projects and teams while garnering awareness with the investing and industry community. It’s a testament that delegates from approximately 40 countries from around the world come to attend AME’s technical sessions, networking events and hold meetings during AME’s Roundup conference.

Valuable programs at Roundup for investors

I have been attending AME’s Roundup for the last seven years and each year the Roundup Committee does an amazing job on finding new topics, ideas, developments and speakers to showcase. If you are interested in the technical portion of the conference you would be doing yourself a service by attending some of the short courses over the weekend. I wanted to grow my knowledge and educate myself further on different aspects of the sector, so I attended several of these courses over the years. A lot of the knowledge that I received, I implement daily. I’d also recommend attending the Awards Gala dinner where individuals are highlighted for achievements within our industry. The recipients are individuals that you should get to know as they have tremendous experience, knowledge and contacts and I’m sure they all would be willing to do some mentorship for the next generation of the resource sector. Lastly, regardless at what stage in your career you are, one of the most important aspects of it is your network. Networking is key for anyone who has the wishes and passion to excel at either their position, area of focus, knowledge and abilities. Ask any successful person what it takes to get there; it’s the people you surround yourself with. Get out there! Introduce yourself and never stop building your network!

Advice on how companies can best leverage the access to investors at Roundup. What would you like to see?

If you are a company that is exhibiting, you are doing exactly the right thing. In previous years, the Roundup conference has been known as a highly technical conference but that has evolved quickly over the last few years. The Roundup committee has done a marvelous job filling the event schedule with a wide array of topics, discussions and speakers to create a very well-rounded conference. There’s something for everyone.

AME’s Roundup conference is well-known for having high-level mining executive teams and sophisticated investors walking the trade floor to discuss with the exhibitors, checking out the core shack, discussing projects with the project generators, listening to the discussions at the gathering place, taking in the talks by speakers and networking at the many events. AME’s Roundup is the number one conference in, my opinion, for any company to potentially garner high-level interest from the other companies, majors and investors alike. One thing I would like to see is if AME’s Roundup Organizing Committee, for 2020, could seek out or develop a platform for #AMERoundup to have a book by request meeting scheduler. I believe that would be the icing on the cake for this wonderfully crafted and thought-through world-class mineral exploration conference.


  • Sean Kingsley

    Sean Kingsley is Manager, Corporate Communications at Cabral Gold and Altamira Gold. He also provides strategic consultation for several publicly listed junior resource companies. He has 12 years’ experience within the mineral exploration, mining and development sector specializing in corporate development & strategy, strategic marketing, consultation, investor relations/awareness & capital raising. Mr. Kingsley has a strong grass-roots & investor network, a firm understanding of the financial markets and experience in utilizing diverse methods for public communications globally. At the Association for Mineral Exploration BC (“AME”) he served as Chairman of its Communications and Marketing Committee from 2014-18 and remains as Vice-Chair. He sits on the Executive, Advisory & Finance Committee for the Centre of Training Excellence in Mining (“CTEM”). All the while, he hosts Vancouver’s premier monthly industry networking event and founded a networking reception which is sponsored by leading industry service-related companies during major mineral exploration and mining conferences.

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