AME Innovation Award

For Innovations Beneficial to Mineral Explorers

Awarded to those engaged in the development of innovative tools and/ or processes beneficial to prospectors, mineral explorers and/or developers that may lead to the discovery or benefit the development of a project in British Columbia, Canada or globally.

The Award is open to individuals or companies engaged in the development of innovative tools and/or processes, who have been nominated by an AME member or member of an associated exploration and/or mining association.

When being considered for the AME Innovation Award, nominees will be assessed on their role in projects that demonstrate strong evidence of:

  • The development of an innovative tool or process.
  • The benefit or impact of these tools or processes on the larger mineral exploration and development industry.
  • Alignment with AME’s Purpose, Mission, Guiding Principles and Core Values

Nomination deadline: Monday, September 30

2023 Recipient: John McGaughey

John McGaughey, President of Mira Geoscience is recognized with the 2023 AME Innovation Award for leading the development of an open-format data structure called GEOH5, an open-source documented, public, easy-to-use, vendor-neutral, and permanently accessible means of storing and disseminating models, data, and metadata.

The GEOH5 innovation has been the result of a collaborative team effort. AME acknowledges the key contributors to this development:

Julien Brossoit – Technical Team Lead, Mira Geoscience

Kristofer Davis – Scientific Programmer, Mira Geoscience

Dominique Fournier – Scientific Programmer, Mira Geoscience

Sébastien Hensgen – Director, Software Development, Mira Geoscience

Past Recipients

  • VRIFY Product & Development Team
  • Gregory Dipple