AME Special Tribute Award

For Significant Contributions Influencing or Advancing the Mineral Exploration and Development Industry, Concepts or Practices in BC.

Awarded to those who have made significant contributions or advances that have influenced or advanced the mineral exploration and development industry or mineral exploration concepts or practices in British Columbia.

The Award is open to individuals or companies engaged in any aspect of mineral exploration and development, who have been nominated by an AME member or member of an associated exploration and/or mining association.

When being considered for the AME Special Tribute Award, nominees will be assessed on their role in projects that demonstrate strong evidence of:

  • Advancement in mineral exploration concepts and/or practices.
  • Their level of influence on the advancement of the concepts and/or practices.
  • The benefit or impact of these concepts and/or practices on the larger mineral exploration and development industry.
  • Alignment with AME’s Purpose, Mission, Guiding Principles and Core Values

Nomination deadline: Friday, September 29.

2022 Recipient: Larry Jones

Larry Jones is acknowledged with a Special Tribute from AME for his leadership in assembling and distributing the British Columbia Geological Survey databases and geospatial datasets and for leading his team in the design, development and marketing of MapPlace, an internet-based geographic information system providing access to BC geospatial data to diverse client groups.

Past Recipients

  • Ron Bernbaum
  • ‘Lyn Anglin
  • Michael Beley
  • Peter Bradshaw
  • Michael Burke
  • Dick Campbell
  • Nick Carter
  • Bob Cathro
  • Jeff Franzen
  • Gabrielse Hu
  • Ian Graham
  • Lew Green
  • Val Greenwood
  • Greater Vancouver Mining Women’s Association (GVMWA)
  • Dr. Norman Keevil
  • David Lefebure
  • El Longeran
  • Terry Macauley
  • John MacDonald
  • Jack McClintock
  • Harlan Meade
  • Jan Muller
  • Doug Oldenburg
  • Jack Patterson
  • Bill Plumb
  • Andy Randell
  • John Reesor
  • Jim Roddick
  • Don Rotherham
  • Alastair Sinclair
  • Jack Souther
  • Colin Spence
  • John Thompson
  • Ian Thomson
  • Howard Tipper
  • Dick Tosdal
  • John Wheeler
  • Geoff Whiton
  • Late Julia Lane
  • Highway 37 Electrification Coalition