AME H.H. “Spud” Huestis Award

For Excellence in Prospecting & Mineral Exploration in BC and/or Yukon

Awarded to those who have made a significant contribution, directly or indirectly, to enhance the mineral resources of British Columbia and/or the Yukon Territory through the original application of prospecting techniques or other geoscience technology.

The Award is open to individuals engaged in any phase of prospecting and mineral exploration in BC and/or Yukon, nominated by an AME member or a member of an associated exploration and/or mining association.

When being considered for the AME H.H. “Spud” Huestis Award, nominees will be assessed on their role in projects that demonstrate strong evidence of:

  • A significant contribution and/or advancement to the enhancement of mineral resources in BC and/or Yukon
  • The original application of prospecting techniques, or other geoscience technology, contributing to that advancement.
  • The impact of their contributions/advances on the mineral exploration and development industry.
  • Alignment with AME’s Purpose, Mission, Guiding Principles and Core Values

Nomination deadline: Friday, September 29.

2022 Recipient: Maggie Layman 

Maggie Layman is the recipient of the 2022 AME H.H. “Spud” Huestis Award for her significant contributions to advancing and testing the geological model which allowed Barkerville Gold Mines (BGM) to define 5.1 million ounces of gold in new underground resources at the Cariboo Gold Project near Wells, BC. In addition to helping to revive a historic mining district, Maggie is committed to fostering the development of young geologists.

Past Recipients

  • Theodore (Ted) W. Muraro
  • Al Archer
  • Mark Baknes
  • Ed Balon
  • Stu Barclay
  • Wade Barnes
  • Lawrence Barry
  • Peter Bernier
  • Peter Bradshaw
  • Ron Britten
  • Bern Brynelsen
  • Ron Burk
  • Rob Carne
  • Rob Carpenter
  • Bob Cathro
  • Jared Chipman
  • Ted Chisholm
  • Eric Denny
  • Doug Eaton
  • Carl Edmunds
  • Robert Etzel
  • Craig Finnigan
  • Chuck Fipke
  • Peter Fox
  • Charlie Greig
  • Richard Haslinger
  • H.H. “Spud” Huestis
  • Seymour Iles
  • Arthur John
  • John Stollery
  • Franc Joubin
  • Ken Konkin
  • Egil Lorntzsen
  • Bruce Mawer
  • Patrick McAndless
  • John McDonald
  • Jim McDougall
  • Ken McNaughton
  • Alan McOnie
  • Tom McQuillan
  • Gordon Milbourne
  • David Moore
  • Ursula Mowat
  • Peter Ogryzlo
  • Myron Osatenko
  • Mark Rebagliati
  • Andy Robertson
  • John Robins
  • Chris Rockingham
  • Shawn Ryan
  • Michael Savell
  • Adam Simmons
  • Alex Smith
  • Tim Smith
  • Bill Smitheringale Sr.
  • Efrem Specogna
  • Karl Springer
  • Cam Stephen
  • StunBlusson Dirk Tempelman-Kluit
  • Alan Wainwright
  • Harry Warren
  • Lorne Warren
  • Bill Wengzynowski
  • Peter Fischel