AME Murray Pezim Award

For Perseverance & Success in Financing Mineral Exploration

Awarded to those who have made a significant contribution to advancing the financing of a mineral exploration or development project.

The Award is open to individuals engaged in the financing of any phase of mineral exploration and development, nominated by an AME member or a member of an associated exploration and/or mining association.

When being considered for the AME Murray Pezim Award, nominees will be assessed on:

  • Their significant contribution to the mineral exploration and mining community as individual(s) engaged in the financing.
  • The impact of these contributions on the mineral exploration and development industry.
  • Alignment with AME’s Purpose, Mission, Guiding Principles and Core Values

Nomination deadline: Monday, September 30

2023 Recipient: The Victoria Gold Finance Team – Sean Harvey, John McConnell, Marty Rendall

The Victoria Gold Finance Team – Sean Harvey, John McConnell, Marty Rendall – is recognized with the 2023 AME Murray Pezim Award for their perseverance and creativity in financing the construction of the Eagle Gold Mine, the largest gold mine in Yukon history.

Past Recipients

  • John Robins
  • David Harquail
  • Richard Barclay
  • Mike Beley
  • John Brock
  • Peter Brown
  • Channing Buckland
  • David Elliott
  • Cal Everett
  • Ned Goodman
  • Lukas H. Lundin
  • Bob Hunter
  • Clive Johnson
  • Adolf H. Lundin
  • John McCluskey
  • Ronald Netolitzky
  • Mark O’Dea
  • Murray Pezim
  • Robert A. Quartermain
  • Rick Rule
  • Terry Salman
  • Eric Sprott
  • Ian Telfer
  • John Tognetti
  • Steve Todoruk