A message from Dale Mah, AME Roundup 2022 Organizing Committee Chair:

It is with great pleasure that I welcome all of you to AME Roundup 2022. We have come a long way since our last conference, and we are incredibly excited to announce a return to an in-person format in parallel with online content. No matter where you are, you will be able to engage with colleagues, connect with the mineral exploration community and evolve your industry knowledge.

It certainly is an exciting time for mineral exploration as we continue to adapt to the changing world. We are witnessing rapid advances in green technology and an unprecedented demand for metals and mining to supply the shift to electrification. New deposits are still being discovered, mines continue to be built, and relationships are forged, providing economic and social benefits to surrounding communities.

Now let me give you a brief update on where we are today. As with many of you, I missed the in-person connection that was absent in 2021. There is no better feeling than running into an old friend in the aisles of the Exhibit Hall or rubbing shoulders with local mining legends. I am incredibly excited that those days will return in 2022. Want to sit in a technical session? Go for it. Cruise the core shack? Heck ya. Or would you rather view posters and technical sessions online? Yes, you can do that too.

Together with the Roundup Organizing Committee, we are eager to return to the Vancouver Convention Centre for AME Roundup 2022 where all the elements you have grown to love will return in one form or another. Discover your next project in the Prospectors’ Tent or Project Generators’ Hub, learn about the latest technologies while attending Additions to the Geoscience Toolbox, or recruit up-and-coming geoscientists during the Poster Session. We are back where we belong, and it feels great!

The adage “it takes a village to raise a child” is absolutely true, just as it takes a team of dedicated individuals to explore, make discoveries and develop mines. This year’s theme, Engage. Connect. Evolve, brings back the connections that we desperately need. We want to thank you all for your continued support through a challenging year and for attending AME Roundup 2022. On behalf of the Roundup Organizing Committee, we hope our vision exceeds your expectations!