More than two out of five Canadians will experience challenges with their mental health during their working years. Of that number, two out of three people suffer in silence, fearing judgment rather than seeking treatment.

The Canadian Mental Health Association works with employers and employees to see they get the support they need. Both receive a rich return on their investment – a psychologically healthy and safe workplace. To find out more or book CMHA BC’s workplace mental health programs, call 604-678-8952.

1. All-staff presentations

CMHA BC can customize a presentation for any workplace, either as a presentation or a workshop. Topics for larger staff groups may include awareness of mental health at work, resiliency and social support.

2. Union and occupational health and safety representatives

Safe and Sound: Building a Psychologically Safe Workplace offers two components: Supervisor Training and Crew Talks.

Supervisor Training shows supervisors and leaders how to promote mental health and address mental illness, including addiction, in the workplace from a health and safety perspective. The workshop includes a review of local policies and regulations, and provides an overview of the National Standard of Canada for Psychological Health and Safety in the Workplace.

In Mental Health Crew Talks, participants learn about the risk and protective factors associated with mental illness. They hear a personal story and learn how to start a conversation with fellow workers who may be showing signs of illness.

3. Front-line workers

In Responding with Respect, front-line staff can get the tools they need to work with clients who may be experiencing distress due to mental illness or stress. Participants learn how to recognize those who may be experiencing a mental health problem, and how to respond to them and refer them to further help.

4. Mental Health First Aid

Team members learn how to provide initial help to people who are showing signs of a mental health problem or experiencing a mental health crisis.

5. Suicide prevention training

Most people with thoughts of suicide don’t truly want to die, but are struggling with pain in their lives. Staff can become more comfortable asking employees or colleagues about suicide and acquire the tools they need to intervene and access support. Choose between a three-hour SafeTALK workshop and a two-day ASIST suicide intervention and suicide first aid training.

6. Leaders and managers

Addressing the mental health needs of workers starts with training managers to notice when employees are struggling. Mental Health Works gives them the tools and skills they need to open a dialogue with employees who are showing signs of distress or being overwhelmed.

7. Bounce Back: For adults and youth

Available for free across B.C., Bounce Back teaches effective skills to help individuals (aged 15 and up) overcome symptoms of mild to moderate depression or anxiety, and improve their mental health. Participants can learn skills to help combat unhelpful thinking, manage worry and anxiety, and become more active and assertive. Bounce Back offers three forms of help: the Bounce Back Today video, Bounce Back Coaching and Bounce Back Online.

8. National Bottom Line Conference

The CMHA’s annual National Bottom Line Conference brings together business leaders, union representatives, policymakers, researchers and workers to improve mental health in Canadian workplaces. The 2018 conference, called “Navigating the New Workplace,” will be held March 13 to 14, 2018, in Vancouver.