In order to limit the ongoing spread of COVID-19 and to protect the health and well-being of employees, customers and the public. Effective MARCH 20, 2020 the 30 FrontCounter BC in-person services will be closed.

For assistance, please Contact FrontCounter BC. The staff are still there to serve you via telephone, online, and email.

MEMPR is discouraging the use of NROS in the interim and suggesting applicants use vFCBC

The public are asked to use the call centre and online systems to engage with FCBC. Note MEMPR is discouraging the use of NROS in the interim and suggesting applicants use vFCBC.


  • The NROS application system is currently using a lot of the call centre and FCBC resources to deal with the issues associated with navigating the Notice of Work application process. This is due to some critical errors yet to be resolved and this will require more time and resources than are available at this time.
  • In the interim, the Natural Resource Online Services website will be directing all Activity Guidance, Authorization Guidance, and Homepage ‘Apply Now’ hyperlinks to the vFCBC application form, instead of NROS.
  • vFCBC is still fully functional at this point and integrates with MMS. Note that FCBC staff will continue to screen for bundling opportunities based on the application. NoW Companion guidance document was built to integrate with the NROS system, so may not be as helpful but can be used to help in the application process in vFCBC.
  • NROS is NOT being shut down we are just trying to reroute traffic. Applicants will still able to access applications in progress from within their NROS client Dashboard (using the ‘Log In’ button) and start a new application from within the dashboard, but only from this location. NROS is not being shut down we are just trying to reroute traffic, as the major of applicants use links on FCBC’s website to initiate a NoW application, so this should help to move the bulk of all new applications to vFCBC.
  • This systems direction will be switched as of 2:00 PM PST, March 18th, 2020 should you have any comments or concern please feel free to reach out to Mike Ward ([email protected]), Shana Bow ([email protected]Ashley Spear, or myself ([email protected])

Nadia Bruemmer, P.Geo.
Senior Inspector of Mines, Permitting, Regional Operations
Project Manager for Regional Mines Standardization and Service Improvement Project
Ministry of Energy, Mines and Petroleum Resources
Mines, Competiveness and Authorizations Division
Phone: 250-420-6204
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